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"Real spirituality lies in completely dissolving oneself in Unconditional Love for everyone and for everything in the world. It is a complete absence of judgment, criticism, and control of other people. It is a complete inner freedom from stereotypes and cliches of behavior and lifestyle, imposed on people. It is such state of the soul when the soul wants to sing all the time, and when not a single negative thought or emotion could even come close to such a person, because they are encircled by the impenetrable veil of Love.""

God - Father


Your Submarine Brothers

Greetings, our dear brothers and sisters! We address you in such a way, because we live on the same planet as you, but underwater. We have already told you about our civilization before. Despite the fact, that we are in a parallel world, we feel everything that happens to you, especially now, when the veils between the worlds become extremely thin. We see that the process of the Shift is speeding up every day, and we really want you to go through it as softly as possible, without physical...


The Future Changes

Greetings, our dear earthlings! Today, I was instructed to give you the following message from the Galactic Federation of Light. As you already know, the new countdown of time started from the end of October; when the Earth got prepared for the final energetic “jump” into the fifth-dimension, where she already exists in her subtle bodies. We see that many of you are feeling these upcoming changes as if they are hanging in the air; and the anomalous natural phenomena, occurring more and...


The Second Coming of Christ (Agartha)

Greetings, my dear beloved children! Last time our story stopped when Yeshua shifted into Agartha with all his bodies. He was standing in the middle of a beautiful Temple. It was enormous, and soon Yeshua understood why. The Priests of Agartha, who came out to greet him from the doors hidden behind the columns, were very very tall. This Temple was the main sanctuary of Agartha, where representatives of all civilizations that have ever existed on Earth were gathering together to make...


The Second Coming of Christ (Mount Kailash)

Greetings, my dear beloved children! Today in our story we have reached the most important period of Yeshua’s life, when he was permitted to touch the primary source of all Being -the Great Agartha, the main Repository of the history of Earth. And Mount Kailash was the entrance into Agartha. But let’s start in order. The journey towards the foot of the mountain took a few days. But as soon as it appeared in the distance, a strange feeling took hold of him, a feeling he had never...


The Second Coming of Christ (A Trip to Tibet)

Greetings, my dear beloved children! Let’s continue our story about Yeshua’s and Mary Magdalene’s trip to India. They had been there a year already. By that time, Mary was expecting a child, and it became difficult for them to travel. So they decided to stay in a small town in Northwest India, which wasn’t too far from their destination. The Creator helped them once again by sending them good people and providing them with a roof over their heads. They stayed with quite a well-off...


The Second Coming of Christ (Acquaintance with India)

Greetings, my dear beloved children! At last their long journey came to an end – Yeshua and Mary Magdalene arrived to India. They spend several unforgettable days on the shores of the ocean, enjoying the beauty and peace after the difficult journey. And then they headed to a special place, where according to the Essenes, the Great Initiates lived – the foot of mount Kailash in Tibet. A long way across the whole of India was ahead of them; and they decided to do it on foot. They wanted...



Greetings, our dear earthlings! We decided to speak with you today, because many souls from our planet have now descended to Earth to take part in the extraordinary spiritual experience – the shift into a higher dimension in their physical bodies. The Earth has always attracted the attention of great souls, not only from the planet Heteroskafos, but from many other civilizations. Your planet is very unique, and that explains such an interest. It can be called the pearl of the Universe,...


The Second Coming of Christ (The new horizons)

Greetings, my dear beloved children! Last time we spoke to you, we were telling you that Yeshua met his true love, a woman who would be his life companion and loyal wife for the rest of his earthly path. He introduced Mary to his parents and to his dear teachers, the Essenes. Both the parents and the Essenes liked her. They felt the purity of her soul and her honesty despite the fact that Mary Magdalene did not exactly fit into the image of “decency” established in society by the...


Manifestation of the fifth dimension on Earth

Greetings, my dear children! Today I want to tell you what is happening with your planet Earth and with the accompanying luminaries – the Sun and the Moon. Perhaps, many of you noticed that the Sun and the Moon have become different and not only externally. Often, they change their location, and sometimes even completely disappear from your sight. The same thing is happening with the stars. Besides, more and more often people start seeing the second Sun and the second Moon, which have...


The Second Coming of Christ (Mary Magdalene)

Greetings, my dear beloved children! Let’s continue with our story about the predestined meeting of Yeshua and his other half. Who was Mary Magdalene? And why did she, just as Yeshua, left such a deep mark on the history of mankind? Why do people worship her as a Saint? She was a great Soul, as well as Yeshua, who came to Earth with a mission to awaken the humanity and bring the Divine knowledge back to them. She was born in a family of a fish merchant. Her family came to Jerusalem from the...


The Future Depends on You

Greetings, my dear earthlings! The most decisive moment for your planet is coming now, when your planet enters the period of global purification, that will be expressed through a series of natural disasters. We have already told you many times how greatly interconnected all the events happening in your world are. Everything that happens on the energy level gradually descends to the physical plane, and this can be expressed in different ways. For example, social disturbances in one country can...


The New Countdown

Today starts the new countdown of time, because your planet Earth until now was able to hold on the negative energies, accumulated over time, and prevent them from exploding; but now the Earth is unable to hold them inside or to allow their physical expression in small doses anymore. As it often happens, dear ones, the energies accumulated inside of you for a long time, explode later in a wild and unpredictable way. The same thing happens with your planet. The lightworkers, who worked...

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