WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (“Private soldiers” of information “troops”)

window-on-new-world-private-soldiers-of-information-troopsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to focus on one more type of information warfare that originates not from the mainstream media this time but by the people around you.

The thing is that contemporary society is miscellaneous indeed.

On Earth there has arisen some kind of a conglomeration that seemingly consists of people since all these creatures are embodied as humans but all of them actually have not only different subtle material structures but also various world perceptions and world views.

Therefore, the overwhelming majority of Earth’s inhabitants live in compliance with certain programmes that are instilled in their collective consciences.

It is especially typical of the low and middle caste reptiloids that were actually created for the purpose of introduction into people’s life of the mentality and behaviour stereotypes that would allow the Dragon reptiles to control the conscience of the whole humanity.

We have already talked with you a lot of times that it is them, alongside with biorobots and clones, who are the “locomotive” that is leading society’s way to the abyss or, in other words, the trap arranged by the deep state.

And little by little these mentality stereotypes being securely embedded into the conscience of these creatures are turning into a powerful tool of this information warfare.

And many of you are likely to have experienced it yourselves by now.

Remember the response of the “people” from your environment to your attempts to tell them what is actually going on Earth now and your sincere desire to guard them against danger.

Why did many of them respond to it in an aggressive way mocking at all your arguments and facts?

It happened because information warfare with pure human souls was instilled in their conscience and subconscience long ago.

Everything that does not comply with the programme developed by the creators of reptiloids, clones and biorobots is treated by them as something hostile since their conscience, being deprived of the Divine origin and, consequently, of freethinking, too, is unable to take in anything new or unfamiliar to them.

They are just capable of obedient repeating of all the authorities’ instructions and blind following of their regulations.

Everything that lies beyond these frames is subject to mockery and attacks for their part.

Therefore, the information warfare by the mainstream media against humanity is also made by a huge army of these “private soldiers” who are dispersed all over the world.

They dutifully repeat everything that is embedded into their conscience and start fighting with those who try to disprove the truths that are unshakeable for them.

All this plays in hands of the deep state’s representatives since such mental and emotional separation of Earth’s inhabitants considerably decreases her vibrations as well.

That is why, my dear, never argue with those who are not ready to hear ANOTHER point of view and do not try to save them.

It is time for you to get united with like-minded people because everybody who could revive has already done it.

Thereby, you can reduce the degree of confrontation in society and maintain your vibrations at the appropriate height.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 16, 2023.

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