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Greetings, my beloved! Today I have come to you because I would like to comfort and support you during such tough period when military conflicts on Earth result in hundreds of thousands of soldiers’ death, as well as innocent women, children and elderly people. It hurts me to see that your long-suffering Earth has again fallen victim to bloody crimes of the Dragon reptiles – these soulless and cruel creatures. Everything runs in circle in this system that has had its days and that was...


My “Resurrection”

Greetings, my dear beloved children! Now it is my turn to speak with you. After you have learned the true story of our lives; of Yeshua, my beloved son, Mary Magdalene and their children; I’d like to tell you how my soul has started the path of Service and why I have become so dear and close for you. Of course, dear ones, the idea of the immaculate conception has been an invention of the church for imparting “divinity” for my son. In reality, Yeshua was born as all children are born...

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