About us

My beloved children,

You have come across a unique website.

It was created upon the request of God-Father, the patron of our Earth, two years ago. The purpose of its creation is – to help mankind in the Grand Transition of Earth into a new energetic state of the fifth dimension.

Its help lies in daily channelings of the Greater Forces of the Universe through our beloved daughter Marta that has taken upon her this great service.

The space on this website is infused with energies of the highest vibrations, which along with the information carried in the channelings, enter into the conscience of mankind, liberating it from alien programs of the third dimension and leading it back to the Divine path.

I am glad this website is being translated into English, as it will allow so many more of you to enter into this “orbit” of Divine energies that will slowly fill your Earth, helping it ascend along with all of you, its beloved children!

Father- Absolute has spoken to you.

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