Our Mutual Ascension (Mental Body’s specificity)

our-mutual-ascension-mental-bodys-specificityGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today I’d like to conclude our conversation about mental body and to reveal a mechanism of its collaboration with the other subtle bodies of humans.

Because mental body like its sensory organ – the heart chakra – is located in the middle, on the border separating the earthy and heavenly expressions of a person, it is some kind of a buffer between the three lower and three higher bodies.

Therefore, besides its direct functions, it carries in itself an additional burden.

For better understanding of my words, let’s look at the following example.

Tragic death of your loved one.

As a rule, after the first shock, you’ll start to analyze the situation: why has it happened and how unfair it is, you’ll start feeling sorry for the deceased and for yourself, who is left alone, but someone might also feel a sense of guilt that he could not protect his loved one, could not prevent tragedy.

Another words, there are so many thoughts moving through your head, that your mental body is literally “choking” with its flow.

And all these thoughts are provided by your lower bodies, which during many years of living together has become united, related with the subtle bodies of the deceased person, interlaced with his energy fields, and now it is difficult to become separate with the part of himself…

Really, on subtle planes the people who love each other and are spiritually close, who have lived together for many years, often have a unified aura. And when one of them leaves physical plane, the other one experiences an unbelievable pain.

And the mental body takes this pain upon itself.

That’s how it happens with almost all the people, whose vibrations do not go beyond the limits of three dimensional world.

But there are other examples – rare exceptions, when people’s spiritual level allows them to see the passing of the loved ones not as death, but as a Shift either to another world or to another dimension.

And such a person is able to rejoice sincerely for his loved one, who already reached the goal, which they had tried to reach together, knowing that the Soul of his loved one abides Home in peace and harmony, that she has shifted to the new level of being.

And then instead of crying and suffering, he sends the loved one all his Love, knowing they have not separated, but only exist on different sides of the veil, which separates the dense and subtle worlds.

In such case, mental body of a person receives the energies of higher vibrations, which are radiated by his causal, buddhic and atmic bodies.

His mental body does not feel stress and stays in harmonious state, because his thoughts of deceased have a peaceful and loving character.

Again, I have shown you two extremes, so you could see clearly a mechanism how the mental body accepts information.

In reality, the reaction of each of you to any event is so individual, that a set of your emotions and thoughts is truly infinite.

Most importantly, you need to remember how to protect and purify your mental body: you are almighty, you have the power over your feelings and thoughts.

You have already left the limits of three dimensional world, which means your thoughts and emotions are already filled with different energies.

Support this high level, do not cross the border, separating your staying in the higher spheres of being with the world, which has already become strange to you, from which you have already escaped.

Raise with your consciousness higher than the mental body – where your Divine being lives!

And I bless you for that, dear ones!

 Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 17, 2018.

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