spiritual-battleGreetings, my beloved ones!

I feel like talking to you at this moment of confrontation between the Forces of Light and Dark crucial to you and whole Earth.

Now there is being decided the destiny of the purest and lightest souls that have been persistently advancing to Ascension for a long time.

I see and feel, my dear, how tired you are and that your patience is giving way now.

A lot of you have already lost their heart watching the Forces of Dark going on with the implementation of their horrible plans on total enslavement of humanity.

You are perplexed about how the Creator can let it happen, what the Forces of Light are doing and where the final victory over humanity enslavers they promised is.

And now I would like to explain to you what such a delay is connected with – at least, the way I see it from my level of the events taking place.

Believe me, my dear, everything promised to you is being carried out to a full extent.

We do everything possible and impossible to make the long-awaited Victory over the Forces of Dark closer not only in Heavens but on Earth as well.

We are leading by the hand each of you, just like mother holds her child’s hand to prevent them from stumbling and falling on a rough road.

Well, it is a road like this that these very last and the most difficult days before the final victory over monsters in human bodies are for you.

This is the only definition that I can give to a group of INhumans who have gathered these days in Switzerland for making final plans on depriving people of their Divinity, their natural essence so as to control them as they think best.

These creature still believe in their being omnipotent because the first part of their plan, though amended, still was a success.

Yet, there is one thing they have not taken into consideration – those who they managed to “tame” are mostly not humans.

Those who accepted “vaccines” and take for gospel everything the media are trying to impose on them are anyone but for human beings.

While humans by intuition felt the trick and recognized the fake.

So now all the pure and light souls on your planet have become united in unanimous spiritual impulse to have the final battle against the “Dragon” and get ultimately free from its yoke.

And this spiritual battle of the best representatives of humanity against Dark is destined to be successful since their “soldiers’” main weapons are Love and Gratitude, Sympathy and Wisdom, Patience and Creation.

They feature energies of the vibrations high enough to overcome a whole armada of low vibration creatures that the Dragon reptiles and their henchmen are.

From the subtle level it looks as if a huge sparkling rainbow wave is covering everything dark and dirty that is generated by these evil beings and washing off all this from the surface of Earth making space for everything new, light and pure.

Remember, my dear, each light thought of yours that is filled with Love and Sympathy, each action of yours that conveys Light render this purifying Wave amazingly powerful and make the long-awaited moment of your entry into the Fifth dimension closer.

This way, by mutual efforts – ours in Heavens and yours on Earth – we will turn this wonderful planet into a blooming garden of paradise and your life will get filled with Love, Joy and Happiness.

Let it be this way, my beloved ones!

Love and devotion,

Seraphim of Sarov spoke to you today

Channeled by Marta on May 23, 2022.

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