WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Energy smells)

window-on-new-world-energy-smellsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

To make the talk on the fourth dimension energies’ influence on the human sense organs to be continued, today we will talk about the surprises you can be provided with by your sense of smell when you find yourselves in this high vibration space new to you.

Of course, even being in the third dimension world, each of you feels smells in your own way: someone in a more acute way, while others hardly perceive them.

The same way each of you has your own preferences in natural scents and artificial odours.

But the higher your vibration level becomes, the more often you can feel the scent of energies now.

Besides, any scents are at issue – both pleasant and unpleasant.

Just as you learn to scan one’s energy profile using your chakrometer or other methods of yours, so some of you now can feel the energy smell of a person.

It is more often associated with the smell that is already familiar to you.

And it happens not by chance helping you identify the energy level of this or that person.

So, people featuring very low energy profile can produce the smell of rot or other very unpleasant smells, while pure enlightened souls can be fragrant.

In the worlds of high vibrations smells will be quite distinct – unfamiliar to you but pleasant indeed.

But as long as you are in the world of the third dimension, you have to be satisfied with familiar smells that allow you to get adjusted scanning the “quality” of people’s energy by means of sense of smell.

It is sure to be very hard to distinguish one’s physical smell from the energy one.

The main difference between them is that the energy smell is not one’s natural scent but the one introduced from without.

So, the one possessed by low astral beings unintentionally attracts to one’s energy space loathsome smells of this stinking astral layer, with everything most disgusting that exists in the world being collected there.

While a person finding themselves in a special – Divine – state of soul getting resonated with the vibrations of higher worlds can smell sweet producing unearthly scents.

And the one who can tune onto this person’s vibrations can well catch this scent letting it in one’s energy space.

People of a profound soul constitution finding themselves at the threshold of the Fifth dimension can also catch energy smells of certain places on Earth.

Well, any space being impregnated with the energy of the people who live there and assimilating their smells acquires general smell this time: either pleasant or unpleasant “odour” depending on the overall energy profile of these people.

But in this case it is uneasy to tell physical smells of, for example, industrial enterprises or heavily polluted cities from their energy smells because most often they intermingle and, of course, physical smell, being stronger, overwhelms the energy one.

You are more likely to feel the difference between physical and energy smells in places of power or sacred places of worship where all of a sudden the scent of labdanum can appear out of nowhere.

It is this scent that people are used to associate with holiness and purity, and pure energy most often shows up in the third dimension world just this like.

But do not try, my dear, to incite energy perception of smells in an artificial way – it is beyond you so far.

Same as in case with inner vision, such phenomenon can show up in your life only unintentionally – at the rare moments of getting completely resonated with the high vibration energies of Earth.

And only in some very rare cases unexpected smells can arise as a clue or a hint but only designed for people who are already able to distinguish them.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 21, 2022.

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