WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Third stage – realizing of new reality)

window-on-new-world-third-stage-realizing-of-new-realityGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to out talk about mass revival of humanity today we will talk about its next stage.

The third stage is realizing of a new reality by humanity.

Taking into account fine psyche structure of humans, they should be allowed some time to reconsider the information absolutely new to them that actually turns upside down their usual life.

And in this case the moral “shock therapy” will become much more traumatizing for them than, for example, financial or economic crisis.

Any disappointment always deeply hurts one, be it disappointment with family, friends, colleagues or government.

That is why the disappointment on a global scale that people are to live through having realized the actual underlying reason of the tragedies that have been taking place on Earth for centuries and having learnt about those to blame can affect not only the psyche of certain people but collective human conscience in general.

And, as you understand, its vibrations will sharply decrease because of that, which will retard the Transition of Earth to the Fifth dimension still more.

Which is happening everywhere now though.

People’s discontent with their government and living standard getting more and more depleted have already caused a wave of protests and led to social shocks.

Yet, all this is usual and easy to understand for common people.

They always hope that with the change of authority there will come a new and happier life therefore they act in compliance with a certain time-tested programme.

Few on Earth know about the deep state that, as a matter of fact, calls the tune on your planet nominating their protégés for all ruling posts and exercising control over each step of theirs.

Thereby, any change of power brings little to people since no one who has found themselves at the ruling top can be free from the influence of the real “masters” of Earth.

Perhaps, you have already noticed a lot of times that nice and right words and promises of a better life for people pronounced by authority aspirants are very soon forgotten as soon as these people get in their chairs.

And it happens because they themselves get into the power of those who make the general policy on your planet.

The representatives of the shadow government have a lot of tools and opportunities to break one even if one really used to be honest and sincere in one’s intensions to help people.

While if they do not manage to make one submit, they simply remove one from the physical level.

And there are a lot of examples like this.

So now there is coming the moment of truth that the people far from understanding the deep processes now in progress on Earth are to realize.

And it will not be that easy for them to do.

That is why, my dear, great responsibility rests on you: to help such people to live through this period hard for them with the least moral expenses.

And you have been provided with lots of tips on how to do it both in my messages and those of other representatives of the Light Forces.

A rush season is coming for you, and I hope you will cope with the task appropriately.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 27, 2022.

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