LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Planetary Council of Elders)

life-on-new-earth-planetary-council-of-eldersGreetings, my dear beloved children!

My today’s message is some kind of revision of the things studied and we will again talk about state system on the new Earth but this time will dwell on it from a universe point of view.

In the world of the Fifth dimension there will be in progress the very “globalization” that is widely spoken about now but it will be a complete opposite of what is contrived by the deep state.

In the new society there will occur the Divine process of Uniting of people in compliance with the Laws of the Universe.

Borders between countries will be gradually wiped off and people will be able to move around the planet freely.

But along with this, all the national peculiarities, unique features and traditions of each state will be preserved.

While the modern globalists’ goal is to completely depersonalize individuals, nations, countries, annihilate their cultural heritage, their history and national traditions, in the world of the Fifth dimension this is exactly what will become the most valuable thing and will be encouraged every possible way.

Little by little, you will learn your genuine history and will be surprised to find out how much it differs from the one you were taught and how much was concealed from you.

You will broaden your worldview thanks to contacts with your galaxy brothers and sisters.

You will acquire your space family and will see how numerous are intelligent civilizations in the Universe and how closely all of them are interconnected.

Thereby not only borders between countries and continents on Earth will be wiped off but also between different civilizations.

As long as you are mastering telepathic communication skills, you will be able to feel better both each other and creatures from other planets and parallel worlds who look so different from you.

Incredible opportunities of learning will be offered to you and each of you will find the things of interest just to you learning a brunch of history, literature, science, various arts to your liking.

The same applies to communication with living beings.

You will intuitively feel those who are close to you in terms of energy and spirit being attracted to each other according to vibrations.

Therefore, your communication will always be enjoyable and harmonious.

Many of you will meet their Star families from other planets and this recognition will bring you a lot of pleasant minutes and amazing discoveries.

Language barriers will gradually cease as well because you will learn to understand each other without words.

As far as various dialects and languages themselves are concerned, they will be carefully kept as national heritage of each country and linguistically talented people will be gladly studying and classifying them.

Thus, despite geographical and spiritual unity of all the countries and nations, people will be enriching each other with the best of what they possess.

With the course of time on your planet there will be formed a general management body, with the best representatives of each country enjoying membership in it.

Its main task will be coordination of actions between the states and distribution of material wealth depending on the needs of each country.

It will be the United Nations Organization of its ideal kind – with no bias or corruption it is seized with at present.

It will become some kind of a “compilation point” for the information on human needs in different places of the planet.

In other words, such an organization will turn into a Planetary Council of Elders and the best representatives of each state will be its members.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 9, 2021.

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