deliverance-from-slaveryGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Now, when death agony of reptiloids who seized power on Earth and the chaos resulted from this have reached its climax I would like to ask you to do the meditation on the disconnection of collective human conscience from collective reptiloid conscience every day.

Let us call it “Deliverance from slavery”

For this you should invoke ALL the Higher Powers of the Universe, ALL your Galaxy siblings, your Star family, ALL Higher aspects of your Soul and plunge into quite a deep meditative state.

Then invoke the Fire of Universe Love and ask it to burn ALL the ties and ALL the programmes that have been implanted into collective human conscience by reptiloids for centuries.

Work at the whole Earth.

You can imagine collective human conscience as a huge human silhouette and collective reptiloid conscience as a reptile silhouette.

Burn with the Fire of Universe Love all the energy channels connecting them, all the energy reptiloid structure that like a spider’s web has covered all Earth…

While doing this it is extremely important, my dear, TO PREVENT hardheartedness from penetrating your Soul – feelings of hatred, aggression, anger…

Do this meditation in a calm and mindful way being fully aware that everyone has already played their part on Earth according to the scenario that every single Soul chose – no matter whether it is a human or a reptiloid soul.

Imagine you are a fairy tale hero rescuing a beautiful princess – pure Human Soul – from the claws of fire-spouting dragon who has been holding it in captivity for many centuries.

How should you treat the dragon itself?

Only as a victim!

All its “heads” are not free and are controlled just by the “body” featuring as few as three chakras designed for primitive survival and completely deprived of spirituality.

Unlike humans possessing Divine Soul and Freedom of Will, it cannot break away from the dominion of its “master”…

As for you, my dear, you cannot stay in their power any more.

It is high time to free oneself from the slavery and ascend with Earth into a new wonderful dimension your Soul is longing for so much.

I bless you my dear beloved children!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 19, 2020.

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