high-noonGreetings, my dear earthlings!

Here the moment of clarity has come on your planet. Everything concealed has become revealed.

You have realized how fragile your world is and how much it is dependent on the group of “people” who seized power on your beautiful Earth.

Just in a scope of several months they have managed to turn the globe into a huge prison almost having declared martial law in all leading countries of the world.

Suddenly the usual life of millions of people was ruined, friends and families were separated, hundreds of thousands of people were deprived of sustenance, air communication was interrupted and traveling was restricted not only around the world but within countries as well.

Humans have turned into a crowd seized by panic thinking ONLY about how to maintain their nourishment resources, remain healthy and keep their usual household.

As you see, people could not oppose authorities at all, while authorities, in their turn, could not oppose the hidden government that made it clear who is the master of the world…

Why has it happened?

How can this tiny group of NONHUMANS in no time turn the whole world into an obedient crowd under a very farfetched pretext?

It has happened only because they have succeeded in reducing all the rest to their own energy level, day by day breeding the energies of the lowest vibrations due to escalation of tension with the help of mass media and introduction of “preventive measures” causing fear and panic.

This way they made people dance after their pipe, which enable them to stay alive.

It can be said that “sinking” themselves they are “clutching at straws” of millions of people dragging them underwater.

Their last train is gone and they are desperately trying to stand as long as possible in their usual conditions of life.

Not only these creatures despise humans watching the hysteria initiated by them with delight, they also take pride in the fact they have managed to turn the majority of Earth population into dutiful marionettes totally dependent on them.

Alongside with this, they cannot put up with the thought that the planet they enslaved and have been sole masters of for many centuries is getting out of their control.

So now, they are acting according to the “if we could not have it, no one can” principle.

This death agony of reptiloids on Earth has made apparent to you the extent of human conscience being NOT FREE.

Few are those who could feel and understand the falsity, artificiality and farfetchedness of the situation and through thick and thin maintain their spirit and firm belief that pure human Soul and trust in the Higher Powers can work wonders and stop this chaos that has set upon Earth and was initiated by a higher caste of reptiloids.

So, you reading this message are these few people.

But believe me, my dear ones, each of you is worth thousands and thousands of people in panic.

And it is within your depth to perform a miracle keeping your own vibrations high and filling collective human conscience and your beautiful planet with the Energy of Ascension.

As often as possible do meditations given to you by Father dissolving all the negative emotions being now generated by millions of people all over Earth and give it high vibration Divine energies becoming their live conductors.

Just the same things are now being done by us at the subtle level as well, and we are carefully screening all the current events taking place on your planet.

With Love and Belief in your strengths,

Ashtar Sheran spoke to you on behalf of the Galaxy Light Federation

Channeled by Marta on March 17, 2020.

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  1. carmino seranni says:

    what is going on on earth that concerns me….that i can resolve or shall i do nothing? i understand the galactic federation has everything under control….lol….carmino seranni…aka carmi

    1. Eduard says:

      The next message of Ashtar Sheran will be published soon. There he will tell about it.


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