News from the Galactic Federation of Light (Transformation of heavenly bodies)

news-from-the-galactic-federation-of-light-transformation-of-heavenly-bodiesGreetings, my dear earthlings!

Today I am instructed to give a message of extreme importance.

Today the most crucial period of your planet’s entrance into the space of 5D has started.

Now it’s already impossible to turn back this process, because all the heavenly bodies that accompany Earth have entered a stage of their complete transformation.

And of course the Sun and the Moon are the main bodies, because they influence the processes of life functioning on your planet.

What’s new happening with the Sun?

The Sun now is in the turbulent current of such unbelievable power, which is called for to extract from it a second Sun – it’s feminine half, which will gradually drive out the masculine sun – the one that is becoming too rigid for the Earth of 5D, whose climate will change substantially.

That new “motherly” Sun will provide the Earth with soft even climate, very comfortable for its inhabitants.

I know that even now some of you have been able to see a second sun. But so far, it has been rather sun’s manifestation on a subtle plane of Earth and you could see it in only some special circumstances.

But soon it would take its lawful place in your skies.

The same thing pertains to the Moon.

It is rapidly changes its parameters – color, shape and place in the skies.

And, perhaps, many of you have noticed that sometimes it rises from the horizon like a Sun, lightening up a huge space around it, and you become astonished by the size of its sphere.

That’s how its transformation is happening.

Gradually, the Moon will loose its functions as a nightly celestial body, because on the 5D Earth the border between the night and day will be erased; because the day and night also have been the embodiment of the duality like Good and Evil, Light and Darkness.

The night has always evoked fear in people, has been associated with different superstitions, with the coming of the dark forces.

And there is some element of truth in that, because just as Darkness is the other side of Light, so is the night is the other side of the day.

That’s why all the sorcerer’s rituals and the other “dark” affairs have been conducted at night for ages.

But because the Darkness cannot survive on the new Earth of 5D – it simply will
be dissolved in the light of the high vibrations of 5D, then the night as a physical embodiment of Darkness on Earth would not be able to exist anymore.

Therefore, the Moon as indelible part of the night has to transform into another body, which will be harmoniously matched with the new conditions of life on Earth.

That’s exactly what will happen very soon, and the lunar eclipse on July 27, 2018 will be its beginning.

The body of the Moon will be reborn, and while it will continue to be an artificial satellite of the Earth, it will assume completely different functions.

The Moon will balance the magnetic field of Earth, something that she has been doing before, but now coming in resonance with the new parameters of your planet, she will become some type of the regulator of energies, promoting its equal distribution all over the planet.

It will not be expressed on the physical plane instantly, and for some time the night will continue to change place with the day, but gradually the borders between them will be erased.

I know, dear ones, that for many of you it sounds like a science fiction, but believe me, soon it will become a reality, and you will be accustomed to it quite fast, because the new parameters of the heavenly bodies will be for your good and will bring only pleasant sensations into your life

And this message must prepare you for the upcoming changes on the planet and, most importantly, protect you from panic and fear, which are so characteristic of the people who witness everything unfamiliar and unusual.

Ashtar Sheran, who loves you sincerely, have spoken with you

Channelled by Marta on July 30, 2018

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