Message from the Chairman of the Galactic Federation of Light (May 21, 2018)

message-from-the-chairman-of-the-galactic-federation-of-light-may-21-2018Greetings, dear citizens of Earth!

Today I’d like to add to the message of Ashtar Sheran and to describe current situation in the GFL.

Our last meetings opened up a new page in the history of GFL, expanding its membership and the fields of actions.

It can be compared to your United Nations accepting as new members the representatives from other planets and other civilizations from your parallel worlds.

Thus, we accepted into our Federation the representatives from other Galaxies, who previously have had a status of the observers, as you would say in your language.

What does it mean for the Federation and its members?

First of all, an expansion of membership of GFL have led to the creation of special committees that are responsible for the different areas of activity.

Before that, all the questions have been discussed in the joined meetings of GFL, regardless of the theme of discussions.

Now the structure of GFL have started in many ways to remind the United Nations on your planet, but the main difference of the GFL is its atmosphere of complete trust and mutual understanding, because in our spheres the vibrations of arguments and disagreements can’t exist.

We work out our common solutions by deeply analyzing the situations in question, and taking into consideration the opinions of specialists in one or another area.

These new committees take complete responsibility for their assigned areas of actions.

Secondly, an acceptance of the new members of the GFL have helped to reach a better understanding of the common processes transpiring in the Universe, because we now receive an information about other Galaxies from its sources.

It helped us to coordinate many issues and to coordinate our work for defending our interests against the invasion into your affairs of the civilizations, who are on the lower stages of development; who develop plans for invading the territories of the neighboring planets with the goals that are far from friendly.

For example, the earthlings have not avoided such a destiny, becoming easy victims for the representatives of the Orion, who have practiced kidnapping of people for the biological research of their organs and tissues with the goal of improving their genetic base.

Thirdly, an exchange of technologies with the representatives of other Galaxies presented us with the new ideas for the scientists, working on Gloria, and by doing that elevated their creative potential.

Fourth, this unification showed us how much we have in common with very different representatives of our Universe, because despite the differences, physical, historical, geographical, ethnic, and also different technological capabilities; we are all united in the Unity of Creation and in our wishes to live and work in peace and love with our cosmic brothers and sisters.

Of course, it is not true about all the inhabitants of the Universe, because there are more than a few planets who are at the level of 3D and lower.

But, as you know, GFL unites those who have overcome the barriers of duality a long time ago and reached the level of development, which excludes an opposition and aggression.

And we hope very much that our favorite Planet Earth – will join us as a member after its Shift into 5D, and the first step towards it has been taken already.

Your representatives received the Program of help for humanity developed by the GFL, of which you have been already informed by Ashtar Sheran.

Until now, our contacts with you have had unofficial character, because the majority of the population of Earth stays in complete ignorance about what’s happening with their planet, and about the part their Galactic family takes in the lives of humanity.

But we believe that soon it would become a part of common knowledge in society, and a historic event which we all expect would happen. It would open the new era in the history of Earth – its entering the Galactic community of the 5D and higher, which what GFL truly is.

I say good bye now and wish you the most rapid progress in this direction.

The Chairman of the Galactic Federation of Light has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on May 21, 2018

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