News from the Galactic Federation of Light (February 10, 2018)

news-from-the-galactic-federation-february-10-2018Greetings, our dear earthlings!

The Galactic Federation of Light instructed me to give you the following message.

After the moon eclipse when the moon has been colored red, your earth made an enormous jump into the new level of vibrations.

I know that many of you have noticed that based on your physical and psychological state. At the same time, the Dark forces on the astral plane and the reptiloids, incarnated in the human bodies, has became very active.

If such “a shake up” positively affected the people with the higher vibrations, elevating them into the new level of consciousness and giving them a new impulse for the transformation of their physical bodies, the people with the lower vibrations were thrown back. And that’s why.

On the astral plane, it appeared as if their subtle bodies have received “a shock by the current” and as a result something similar to the obfuscation of their minds have happened.

And the Dark forces and the reptiloids immediately took advantage of that, feeling that the end of their power over the people is approaching, literally attacking those, who could not withstand the energy current of such vibrations.

As a result, a huge division in the society have happened, between the ones, who are moving towards the Ascension, and the ones, who are not capable of making a Shift.

Why is it important to know about that?

Because at the present time, the energies prevailing in every human are expressed in the concentrated form, according to the objective causes and not depending on the person.

Another words, a person is transformed into a powerful “magnet,” carrying within the energies of certain colors that are attracting to him the astral beings, who are feeding on his energies.

The energies coming to Earth now are taking off all the masks, showing through every person, raising everything that was hidden within before to the surface: everything secretive becomes visible.

And if previously it had happened gradually, now this process is speeding up every day.

Too little time remained until the moment when everyone  would have to decide, if he would shift with the Earth into the Fifth Dimension or would continue their evolution in the Three Dimensional world on different planets.

That is why we ask you: despite the fact that your Soul has already made the choice, help her not to “stumble” at the last moment and choose the only path, for which your Soul has come to Earth.

Try to “get out” of your routine everyday concerns, stop your running and listen to your inner voice – to your Soul.

Try to detect its advices, even if they seem unusual, impractical, funny.

Now only your intuition, only your Divine aspects would be able to lead you towards the right path, and help you to throw off the “heavy garments” of the three dimensional world; which do not allow you to “soar” and feel yourself a free person, walking on the path of Light.

Please, take head of my words!

Ashtar Sheran spoke with you on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Light

Channelled by Marta on February 10, 2018

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