crime-against-humanityGreetings, my dear earthlings!

The things I am going to tell you should arouse in you neither fear nor panic.

I just want to open your eyes to the current events so that you become fully aware how far have gone those who consider themselves the masters of Earth.

Several decades have passed since reptiloids and representatives of the human and other races now embodied on Earth and employed by them started developing the so-called virus strains and vaccines corresponding to them.

The main field of their application is the planet’s population regulation.

Until a certain time these strains are kept in special storages, but as soon as the hidden government of Earth make a decision on another cut down of population, they implant this or that virus depending on the fatality rate they plan into the country whose population, to their mind, needs correcting.

This is exactly the reason why viruses are often to appear “mysteriously” in China and other Asian countries.

At the right moment, in their opinion again, it is announced that there has been successfully developed a vaccine to fight the virus and thus prevent it from spreading.

But the things that are taking place in China now go beyond the usual behaviour of the hidden government.

It is explained by the fact reptiloids and those of their ilk have eventually realized that the process of Earth’s vibrations increase connected with its Ascension is inevitable now.

So, they have resolved to take a desperate measure – to initiate fear and panic among the population of the planet so that the most powerful energy of fear for one’s life and for life of one’s nearest and dearest will reduce the overall energy index of Earth.

And this evil deed of theirs has already started accomplishing their plan.

In spite of the fact that so far actual fatality rate from the new virus is being concealed from the population of Earth, fear has begun to spread all around the globe involving the increasing number of people and, consequently, making the overall energy index of the planet decrease more and more with every single day.

The vaccine against this virus has been around for many years, but until high and mighty suppose the right time has come, it will be kept secret.

Therefore now, in order to minimize this crime’s consequences against humanity, I would like to ask you for the following.

As often as possible invoke the Energy of the Supreme Creator of the Universe to dissolve the energies of fear and panic accumulated in the human collective conscience.

Invoke the help of all the Higher Powers of the Universe, as well as of the representatives of the Galaxy Light Federation.

As far as you yourselves are concerned, you should know that people featuring vibration frequency not lower that of the fifth chakra’s become unsusceptible to this new virus since it is adjusted to the energies of the third dimension world inhabitants vibrating at the level of the first, second, third and at most the fourth chakra.

And in conclusion I would like to tell you that now the confrontation between the Light and the Dark Forces on Earth has reached its final stage.

So, each of you can contribute to this history-making process of humanity and your planet rescue raising your own vibrations and, consequently, human collective conscience vibrations as well.

While we, for our part, we be doing our best to facilitate this.

Sincerely loving,

Ashtar Sheran spoke to you on behalf of the Galaxy Light Federation

Channeled by Marta on January 27, 2020.

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  1. Maria E Cannon says:

    Okey. I will invoke the Energy of the Supreme Creator of the Universe to Dissolve the energy of fear and panic, and I invoke the help all higher powers of the universe as well as the representative of galaxy light federation.


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