the-distructive-power-of-offenceGreetings, our dear earthlings!

My today’s message will be unusual because it is addressed mainly to the readers of “The Renaissance” site.

And there is a reason for that.

Each new Father – Absolute’s message contributes more and more to the revealing of the mechanism of interaction of the human and the astral world with the latter being the continuation and at the same time the reflection of the things taking place on Earth.

Now when the merging, implosion, of different dimensions worlds is at full swing the astral world can’t stay aside, for it is right in between the third and the fifth dimension worlds being some kind of a buffer.

As the two worlds are merging the astral world is being squeezed out of its usual energy space because it will not be able to survive in the fifth dimension due to its low frequency vibrations.

It certainly wants to hold its ground not taking it lying down. It resembles a wounded beast that seizes the opportunity to survive simultaneously trying to bite the one who wounded it deadly.

I claim with full responsibility that the biggest and the most painful wounds have been inflicted by “The Renaissance” site that has disguised this world invisible for humans and goes on with this bringing to light all there is to know about it.

And it is not accidental that right now when Farther– Absolute’s series of messages on all sorts of offence are channeled and practices aimed at deliverance from this one of the most painful and destructive energies for humans are conveyed that astral beings of every sort and kind foreseeing their agony have joined the representatives of the lower, the medium and even the upper astral world into a huge army to which a lot of people were connected who nurse offence in order to block this site revealing the truth and highlighting their actions on the planet.

And now I would like to address the very people who have fallen prey to the offence energy and consequently unintentionally assist the astral beings.

Stop that, dear ones, come to your senses and awaken from this troubled slumber!

Feel that everything happening at this blessed by our Father site is done to bring you good.

We are very sorry to see those of you who read the messages feeling them to be true and at the same time filling the site with the energy of offence, jealousy and envy supporting this way the Dark forces’ attacks on this island of Love and Light.

Believe me, my dear, every single pure and sincere reply is not going to sink to oblivion but is communicated to you with Love.

And only replies of low frequency vibrations that unmistakably are distinguished by the creators of the site get off-screen.

They do their best to keep pure the creation they are entrusted with by Farther with all the Higher Powers assisting them.

But the moment has arrived when even they are in need of some extra assistance and my fleet and I will be pleased to give them a helping hand.

And now I ask you, “The Renaissance” site readers, for help because thanks to you, the ones being embodied, we can transmit our high frequency energy most efficiently.

It is you who can ground and amplify it many times.

We ask you to call on Archangel Michael and me, Ashtar Sheran, with the fleet and let our energy pass through you directing it to “The Renaissance” site, all its creators, assistants and readers.

We hope for your help and support very much and it will promote our mutual attempts in stabilizing the site work and protecting it from the Dark forces’ influence as well as that of astral beings’.

Ashtar Sheran spoke to you on behalf of the Galaxy Light Federation.

Channeled by Marta on December 4, 2018

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