energy-reunionGreetings, our dear earthlings!

We have made up our mind to support you in trouble when the destiny of millions of people on Earth is being decided.

We have been closely watching everything that has happened on Earth for recent decades and, of course, hoped for a milder and smoother Transition to the Fifth dimension.

But, unfortunately, the Dragon reptiles did not agree to surrender without a blow despite all the efforts of the Light Forces both at the subtle and physical level.

But the unfavourable development of events was also considerably facilitated by the collective human conscience being unprepared for changes sharp and unexpected for it.

As you see, at the most crucial moment a large section of Earth’s population turned out to be in total control of the shadow government having failed to make out the trick neither in case of the false pandemic imposed on people nor in case of confrontation of Russia with the conquerors of your planet.

At the physical level globalists’ representatives have managed to get the better of people due to their centuries-old experience of their conscience control.

And at this point they employed all their main attributes of human conscience manipulation going all lengths.

It hurts us to see how unsuspecting people are and how deeply plunged into the third dimensionality their once pure and Divine conscience has become.

With sadness we are watching you being controlled by the creatures who are at thus low level of development compared to you and absolutely lacking the emotions of Love, Gratitude and Sympathy typical of you.

But, unfortunately, our possibilities to interfere in the life of humanity are quite restricted because of understanding that each civilization must learn its own lessons having drained the cup of woe.

And everything we can do is to protect you from MORTAL danger preventing humanity from extinction as a species.

All the rest is up to you.

Not only your Earth is beautiful but unique as well since there is no other planet in the Universe that features such a diversity of the animal and vegetable kingdoms, to say the least of man whose gene code has traces of many highly developed civilizations.

This is the reason why she is under the patronage of the Creator and all the Light Forces of the Universe.

And we would like you to know: the successful outcome of the events is already predetermined – your Earth and her best representatives by all means will move to a new stage of their evolution in spite of desperate opposition of the Dark Forces longing for preventing your Transition.

And for the latter to take place as soon as possible with the least moral expenditures, we suggest the following.

As often as possible ask us to fill you with our energies to protect you from the negative influence of the people round.

It is quite possible that you will feel our energies that will “sound” at your upper chakras.

But even if it does not happen because of the fact that your subtle sense organs are not completely activated yet, do know that we will undoubtedly hear you and do our best to maintain your energy space at the level of the fourth dimension.

It is essential for us to feel your sincere intension to break free from the third dimension world and move to another stage of your development.

This is the way for your Free Will to get expressed, which will free our hands for more efficient help to humanity.

And let this become the first step on the way to our reunion at all the levels of existence, which all of us have been striving for so long.

The Council of Elders of the Pleiades Constellation spoke to you today

Channeled by Marta on April 16, 2022.

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