all-masks-thrown-offGreetings, our dear earthlings!

On these days critical for Earth when the destiny of humanity is decided, we have come to support you.

Your revival is in full swing now, and it is impossible for the Dark Forces to stop it this time.

Just shortly before the mindful part of humanity was balancing between victory and defeat, and, at last, the odds are definitely in favour of Victory.

And we congratulate you on this!

What steps should you take to consolidate your victory?

First, to get rid of fear in any manifestations.

It is the most important thing now since it is fear that allowed your enslavers to bring you to the very brink of humiliation and suppression of your freedoms, let alone the baneful effect on your health produced by the injections that they deliberately, so as to inspire trust of people, called “vaccines”.

You have nothing to be afraid of because the worst things are over.

The truth has triumphed over all the spheres of your life: political, financial, social and medical.

The information flow of truth has broken the “dike” of the mainstream media getting free and filling all the alternative sources of information.

And now no one of the ruling top can keep smiling covering with deceitful words and pie-crust promises.

“All the masks are thrown off”, as you like to call it, and it is really so.

Now in your life there will begin to appear new heroes – brave, sincere, truthful that will lead others’ way, and this folk liberation movement will gradually spread all over the world.

Secondly, at this moment it is essential to realize your Unity with each revived person irrespective of their location – the country they live in, the language they speak, the traditions they stick to.

What is important for all of you is One aim – full and final victory over the Forces of Dark who were trying to take away the most valuable thing a person has – their freedom and right to dispose of their life themselves.

And from the subtle level of Earth we can see perfectly well the energy alignment of forces on your planet.

And we can say that despite the revived souls being distributed over the planet unevenly, nevertheless, their percentage is enough now to help Earth make Transition smoothly.

Perhaps, you know it yourselves that the more active part of the population lives in developed countries, with slavish psychology and herd feeling being untypical of people to the extent it is, for example, in some densely populated Asian countries.

But in this case the general energy component of your planet is determined by interaction of Earth with collective human conscience.

And here it is more important how much and of what quality energy is contributed to human conscience, not where it comes from.

Therefore, the unevenness of its distribution over the planet is compensated by high vibrations of completely revived people.

And the higher the energy level of your collective conscience, the higher the conscience level of people all over the world as energy exchange between them never ceases.

So, the increase of general vibration level of Earth and that of your collective conscience will be gaining in scale until your planet and people who find themselves in her high vibration “orbit” move completely to the Fifth dimension.

And we see that many of those reading this message now will be among them.

And this time is swiftly coming close.

Therefore, keep calm and preserve the power of Spirit, our dear ones, and do not be afraid of anything.

Do know that your galaxy brothers and sisters are always there for you ready to help you out.

The Council of Elders of the Pleiades Constellation spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 17, 2022.

Обсуждение: оставлено 2 коммент.

  1. Praveen says:

    The Date of Channel 17.02.21. I believe it is typing mistake.

    1. Eduard says:

      Thank you, dear Praveen, 02.17.22. of course.


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