LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Types of telepathic communication)

life-on-new-earth-types-of-telepathic-communicationGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, we have reached the point of summarizing my series of messages on telepathic communication and today I would like to provide you with the classification of all its types.

So, we will move from easy things to complex ones.

The first type can be referred to as emotional interchange when people exchange energies, with their information component being rather conditional.

Thus, people not resonating with each other in terms of energy feel discontent or ill at ease which they sometimes cannot explain by words.

And on the contrary, people being at one vibration wave often enjoy communication with one another without any words simply being by each other’s side.

The second type of telepathic communication can be referred to as information interchange.

It happens when one person thought of the other one and the latter felt it.

For example, one was about to call one’s friend and the latter was the first to call all of a sudden.

It is also reflected in your language: “speak of angels and they flap their wings”, “that telepathy thing worked”.

In this case there occurs the transmission of thoughts over distance without any particular emotional shade.

The third one can be called information emotion type.

Such communication occurs when one imparts emotions to one’s mental impulse to another person.

For example, when one is worried about one’s family and asks them in thought to call or text.

And if there are strong emotional bounds between these people it is highly probable that they will feel this impulse and respond it.

We will call the fourth one energy information type.

This time it goes beyond the limits of the third dimension world and implies communication with the representatives of the subtle world.

Besides, it can be both astral beings of all levels and Light Forces existing in higher dimensions.

Such communication is typical of people with their subtle level information channel being opened.

Depending on their level of vibrations they start channeling energy information units from the beings they are resonating with at this moment, that is, they are at the same vibration frequency with.

And here really a lot depends on the emotional state of these people while they are channeling messages.

Any negative emotion considerably impairs their vibrations index and, consequently, their channels can get connected to by the subtle level beings corresponding to these vibrations.

It is emotional unstability that is responsible for the fact that many people who initially channeled the Higher Powers messages in the course of time begin to communicate with astral beings of different levels up till the lower one.

And the fifth type is universal telepathic communication that contains energy, emotion and information components.

This type of communication is characteristic of people of subtle perception who are at the vibration frequency of at least the fourth dimension and capable of interacting in a telepathic way both with other people and the Light Forces.

Communication of this type supposes a unipolar energy component typical of higher dimensions and, consequently, excluding dual world thoughts and emotions penetration into the channel.

The messages from the Forces of Light can be channeled through a person who can maintain the vibration level corresponding to them and possesses emotion and mentality unipolar world perception.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 5, 2020.

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