LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Extraterrestrial technologies)

life-on-new-earth-extraterrestrial-technologiesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So as to round up with the talk about technological progress, its selectivity for the world elite and common people to be exact, I would like to touch upon one more aspect of its.

And this time what will be at issue are extraterrestrial technologies.

It is perhaps the thing most carefully hidden from people and it is only in recent years that information about earthlings’ contacts with other extraterrestrial civilizations has started to filter.

Why has all this been kept secret for so long?

Partially, because most people are not ready for this yet.

But, of course, the main reason was not concern about psychic health of Earth’s population but mercenary benefits of the world top power representatives they have derived thanks to these contacts.

Not once human-friendly civilizations tried to establish contacts with earthlings but, unfortunately, at the helm of the leading countries of the world there were not humans at all who could appreciate the noble intentions of your Galaxy brothers and sisters but the Dragon reptiles and Orions.

Of much greater interest to them were the so-called Grey representatives of your Galaxy whose intentions in respect of humanity coincided with their own plans and targets.

Therefore, all the technologies provided to them they used either in military purposes multiplying the negative energies of pain and sorrow on Earth, or for their own enrichment and at the same time for holding sway over human conscience.

So, the revolutionary breakthrough in electronic industry that occurred in record times being based on extraterrestrial technologies let the deep state not only to get enormous profits thanks to people’s use of computers and various electronic devices but also enslaved human conscience leading its way the direction they need.

This time you see it yourselves, my dear, who owns all the hi-tech companies and the bossy way they impudently behave themselves in respect of people whose expense they make profit at.

They dictate their will in all spheres of life, introduce censure, controlling all your interests and contacts even not concealing it from their “users”.

Moreover, if you take into consideration the fact that all the mass media are also in the grip of the deep state, you will understand that it is due to “technological progress” that they have managed to turn the whole planet to one slaveholding state dependable on them.

And now this “state” starts to collapse before their eyes, which many of them cannot realize to a full extent so far, therefore carrying on with their policy by inertia that does not fit into the new world pattern with its high vibration energies.

But this is exactly the jist of this grand performance’s dénouement of the universe scale indeed when Good eventually wins over Evil.

This is what is going on at every corner of Earth now.

Everything reaches its climax – its maximum concentration and its logical outcome.

Everything is getting highlighted as ever – the most powerful and influential “people” on Earth turn out to be all of a sudden “emperors with nothing on” and they cannot cover their “nakedness” – their hatred to humanity and their gross deeds in respect of people.

And quite soon, my dear, all the wonderful and most cutting-edge technologies of your Galaxy will serve for the good of people, not a group of soulless criminals who have been bosses with no impunity for so many centuries on your beautiful planet.

The outcome is close, and each of you can facilitate it due to your abilities and strength.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 19, 2021.

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