LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Restoring energy channels)

life-on-new-earth-restoring-energy-channelsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

In my previous message I told you about the consequences of mechanical influence on the human spine from the energy point of view.

This principle applies to all the rest of the operations of the kind, with the effect on the body in general being less harmful though.

So now I will offer a practice to those of you who were exposed to such operations so as to minimize their negative consequences.

It will help you restore the energy wholeness of your body.

This practice is based on the ability of humans to create their reality by power of thought including their own body.

We will call it “Restoring energy channels”.

Well, if there are man-made elements introduced into your body, you should do a series of séances on their natural integration into your body.

For this purpose you should invoke all your Heavenly patrons and plunge into quite a deep meditative state.

Then concentrate all your attention on the place of your body where a prosthesis was implanted.

Literally penetrate into it by your conscience and imagine that it is not a soulless metal thing but a lively and healthy organ featuring your flesh and blood.

And next start to connect it in terms of energy with all the rest of organs and systems of your body thereby helping your body to take it not as an alien object but as a natural cured part of your organ or joint.

If the spine is at issue, the practice “Coming back to eternity” will suit this purpose very well.

But as the energy is running through the spine try to feel it “working” on the elements artificially introduced into it imagining them being “living” parts of your body.

In thoughts let the energy pass there several times until you feel it running through this place easily and freely.

Work with the energy that suits you at this moment, that is, most consistent with your present vibrations.

Someone will resonate with the Energy of the Supreme Creator, while for some others the Energy of Ascension will be all right.

You can also start this practice with a thorough and systematic work directly on the spine so as to fortify its energy channel making your prosthesis adjusted to it and next, as a consolidation of the result, do the practice “Returning to eternity”.

The same applies to other types of operations.

Let the energy pass through artificial objects until you feel the energy channel at this place is completely unblocked and the energy flows easily and freely.

And in general, my dear, be creative and listen to your Higher Self.

My aim is to give you the basis of this or that practice and your task is to adapt it to your individual peculiarities – both physical and psychic ones.

Do not be afraid to improvise, for you are Creators of your reality and you do not need detailed instructions even from me.

Learn to listen to yourself and act independently being guided by your intuition and belief in your own potential.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 26, 2021.

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