LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Coming back to eternity)

life-on-new-earth-coming-back-to-eternityGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I will offer you an everyday practice that will help you get rid of the pernicious habit of comparing yourself with other people and trying to make them meet your own life “standards”.

This practice is designed to restore your Divine “axis” and make all your chakras correspond to your once lost Divine cosmic nature.

We will call it “Coming back to eternity”, with “eternity” meaning absence of time and space for the eternal Divine human Soul.

For this purpose you should imagine yourself as a transparent silhouette consisting of subtle bodies that are connected by means of energy ties to your Divine chakra system “threaded” onto a golden rod.

And this rod goes up to infinity thereby getting linked to the Creator.

And the other end of it goes to the core of Earth thereby grounding you and connecting your Divine and earthly hypostases.

This is what you actually are – earthly creatures of the Divine origin.

But as your conquerors’ aim was to deprive you of the memory of your genuine essence, they have done everything possible to “shorten” your Divine “rod” as much as possible preserving just a little part of it that would maintain life of your physical body.

Thus, plunging you into low vibration energies, they have managed to “stifle” your Divine sense organs: the sixth and seventh chakras, as well as the pineal gland preserving only low chakras “operational”, the ones they can control now.

As far as your grounding is concerned, they have also done their best to lead a huge amount of people away to cities, thereby depriving them of their natural gift of connection with Mother Earth, which enabled them to live in harmony with her.

So now, the new vibrations of Earth give you opportunity to restore your chakra system and to get previously “curtailed” Divine “axis” connected both with the Creator, and with the planet you are lucky to have been incarnated on during the period that crucial for her.

Well, invoke all your Heavenly patrons and ask them to create a path of light for you both upwards – to infinity, and downwards – to the very core of Earth.

Try to see with your inner vision your wonderful semitransparent silhouette, with each of your subtle bodies having the colour of the corresponding chakra and chakras themselves rotating clockwise.

And the whole “structure” threaded on a thin Divine axis and finding itself in a light corridor of your Heavenly patrons connects you with the Creator and at the same time with the core of your planet.

Feel deeply with all your being this condition of simultaneous finding yourself on Earth and in Heaven…

Secure these feelings in your memory so as to be able to recall them every time you feel you are getting back to the third dimensionality…

Why have I excluded your physical body from this practice?

The only reason is, my dear, that it is this body that is directly connected with your Mind and Ego, the ones that facilitate your comparing with other people, which gives rise to a negative energies chain thereby plunging you into duality you are so eager to get rid of.

Try to master the practice to the extent that will enable you to move instantly to the light corridor created by your Heavenly assistants and at the same time to straighten your Divine axis and to harmonize your subtle bodies with it.

It will enable you to communicate with other people at quite a different level: remaining in the third dimension by your physical body you will talk to people from the fourth and even the Fifth dimension now.

I bless you, my dear, and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 8, 2021.

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