LIFE ON NEW EARTH (The one who is in no hurry is in time for everything)

life-on-new-earth-the-one-who-is-in-no-hurry-is-in-time-for-everythingGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about one more habit of yours that is so hard for you to get rid of.

And at issue there will again be impatience that many of you are susceptible to in big and small.

And this time we will dwell on the phenomenon in a deeper meaning.

It is based on the fear of death deep-rooted in your conscience that has been cultivated for centuries in the third dimension world both by secular and religious institutions of power.

Therefore, subconsciously one is striving to have time for everything in this life.

Sometimes you are trying to embrace the immense getting down to several things at the same time both small – in your everyday life, and global ones – in your professional sphere.

And you are urged to do this by linear time you are trying to adjust to all the things you have to do.

Such a haste, fuss and impatience ruin your health and often lead to depressions.

As a matter of fact, your present incarnation is just an episode in the eternal life of your Soul.

If you looked at all the events taking place in your life just from this point of view, your life would drastically change for the better.

You would enjoy every moment of it and indulge in doing any work taking your time.

Then you would generate quite different energies – pure, light, high vibration ones.

But this is what did not rank among your enslavers’ plans, for they would not be able to exist in such energies, let alone to control human conscience.

That is why, the first thing they did was to burn out of human memory the knowledge of reincarnation and eternal life of Soul thereby driving people to the narrow bounds of one life during which they had to “deserve” paradise or hell.

This way they gave birth to FEAR in all its manifestations including the fear not to have time for something, miss an opportunity or be made fool of.

And one of this fear’s derivatives has become impatience.

The things occurring to many of you are easy to understand: you got so tired of the absurd your life is full of that you are anxious to break free from this trap and find the long-awaited promised happiness on the Earth of the Fifth dimension.

But the thing is, my dear, that this impatience throws you back since it features low vibrations indeed.

And so as to get rid of it you should remember that your Soul is eternal and it does not have to hurry anywhere.

Instead of this calmly do your best to make the Transition into a new era closer paying no attention to dates.

The wisest decision for you now is to live in the moment of “here and now”, which will increase your vibrations itself and will transform linear time into timelessness and, consequently, will draw Transition nearer without your Mind interfering that is still under the third dimension world programmes influence.

As often as possible imagine that you already live in the Fifth dimension but meanwhile it is essential not to contribute the energies of impatience or expectation to it.

These energies actually distort time lines introducing disharmony and confusion into them.

Remember the expression: “The one who is in no hurry is in time for everything”.

It is accounted for by the fact that living in the moment of “here and now” one “stops the time” adjusting it to one’s rhythm and one’s needs.

That is why, my dear, whatever it takes, be in no hurry making future closer not by your impatience but by your wise constructive work for the greater good of all – both at the energy level, and at quite the earthly one.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 9, 2021.

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