LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Visible and invisible obstacles of purification corridor)

life-on-new-earth-visible-and-invisible-obstacles-of-purification-corridorGreetings, my dear beloved children!

One of the main elements of your individual “purification corridor” is realizing yourself being an “onlooker” in this third dimension world that is falling down to pieces where you came of your own free will.

In other words, you yourself decided to “pay a visit” here during this renewal period so dangerous for Earth – both energy, and physical one.

Your ancient Souls decided to have a durability test and plunged into the whirlpool of the developments in swift progress on Earth that feature the uncompromising struggle of the Light and Dark Forces.

Those who are reading this message now are extremely lucky since your Soul has managed to lead you the way it has embodied for.

Not only do you know about the Transition of Earth into a new era but also contribute your share to this process.

And despite numerous “reefs” you encounter on your way to Ascension as different obstacles – visible and invisible ones, you make headway anyway not losing hope and belief in the upcoming victory of the Forces of Light.

What do I mean when say “visible and invisible obstacles”?

The visible ones are those taking place all across the globe now.

The ruling top is doing their best to depersonalize people converting them into obedient “biomass” that they will be able to dispose of at their own discretion and control their quality and quantity by means of the extraterrestrial technologies available to them.

Face masks that have been imposed on all the population of the planet is an undisguised symbol of slavery and, at the same time, a murder weapon since continuous masking causes irreversible effects on the human body resulting in many diseases both physical, and psychic ones.

As far as vaccination is concerned, it is a Universe scale crime this time as without man being aware the human gene code is being intervened, which is actually, “conversion” of man from a Divine into nonDivine creature controllable from without.

For this plan to be implemented, the shadow government resorts to various social leverages through their henchmen – up till ultimatum and blackmail.

And only the purest, lightest and most ancient souls take a punch not yielding to any tricks of the Dark Forces on Earth.

Yet, these ordeals, my dear, were chosen by you yourselves since being in higher worlds you saw the time lines you were to live in and you mindfully ventured to this challenging and hazardous experience for your Soul.

I know that a lot of people feel it rather well and are perfectly aware of the fact that nobody under any circumstances will ever make them voluntarily kill their Divine Soul.

This is how your deep memory shows, as well as your ancient Soul’s power.

Therefore, “visible obstacles”, whatever dangerous they may be, cannot break you because your Soul’s “pivot” is quite durable, as well as liaison with your Soul.

But what is much more hazardous are “invisible obstacles” that I will tell you about in my next message.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 12, 2021.

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