WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Illusive ideals)

window-on-new-world-illusive-idealsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk about one more component of the third dimension matrix that keeps many in captivity.

And at issue will be one of the most common stereotypes of the personal character this time: how to meet the standard of a successful person.

This is what has become the stumbling stone on the way to Ascension for a lot of people.

Of course, the image of “success” ranges from person to person: some people need millions for this, while some others agree to be satisfied with a modest income.

Everything depends on the environment one socializes in and what their immediate contacts’ demands are.

Such a desire for an “ideal” can also be ranked among the general stereotypes of the third dimension world since it features merely material character and is based on competition that is an inevitable attribute of duality.

Why do I raise this issue again?

We have already talked a lot about how artificial and unnatural the “ideals” are that have been imposed on a person by modern society.

But now I would like to focus on the fact that not simply they are harmful but also destructive for human psyche as they keep it stressed all the time provoking the enormous outbursts of the negative energies of all kinds.

This is what was staked on by those who created such “ideals”.

The main problem of humanity is that a larger part of it is guided and controlled from without.

Having made humans unused to listen to their Soul, the life priorities initiative was taken over by the deep state that created the pictures of glamorous life to people thereby entrapping them into unceasing consumerism.

As a result, the consumption society “has weaved another spider’s web” around your Earth entangling people with the “threads” of desire for a glamorous excessively replete life.

And there were sacrificed a lot of human lives on the altar of this desire.

Why is it so hard for one to see it so as to stop in good time?

The reason is, before all, that this “trap” is skillfully disguised and presented to people in a bright colorful wrapping.

One is constantly being tempted by something: fashionable clothes, delicacies, expensive cars and jewellery, exotic resorts…

But few are aware that it is not as harmless at all because the implication of all these advertisement tricks is to impose material luxuries of all kinds on a person thereby making them work for pipe dreams instead of living a happy life here and now.

As a result, the majority of people do not actually live but find themselves either in the past or future, not in the present at all.

Yet, it is the present that makes the sense of life.

The third dimension world man is given so few years of life that to neglect momentary joys and feelings means to deprive oneself of a full and happy life.

And enjoyment can be found even in little things.

Everything you need for this is the awareness of the fact that each moment of your life is unique, irrevocable and invaluable experience that, in fact, makes up your present incarnation.

It is especially important now when for many people it becomes the last one before transition to a new stage of their development.

And for this to happen as quickly and painlessly as possible, it is essential to get all one’s energy concentrated on gaining the lacking experience of living in the third dimension world so as to leave it forever.

But to gain such experience is only possible when you mindfully live each day, each hour and each minute of your life.

Try, my dear, to look at everything that takes place around you with the eyes of a person who finds themselves at the threshold of the fourth dimension or even has already crosses this border.

Separate the husk from the grain: spiritual from material, eternal from artificial thereby delivering your Soul and conscience from the third dimension matrix that has already had its days.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 23, 2023.

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