WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Out of obedience matrix)

window-on-new-world-out-of-obedience-matrixGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, as a follow-up to my previous message I would like to offer you a meditation on deliverance from the stereotypes of recent years of both your conscience and that of the collective human conscience in general.

The main aim of the meditation is dissolving of the “spider’s web” of lie that the Dragon reptiles and their representatives at the helm created around naive human souls.

Quite often in their criminal interests they apply against people their best human qualities such as love to one’s nearest and dearest and desire to protect them from misfortune.

And one more “virtue” that has been trained in the third dimension world for centuries is law-abiding.

As a result of this, it has already become a lot of people’s flesh and blood, and they dutifully obey any laws running from above not even out of fear of punishment but out of well-established belief in their conscience that it will be good and right for everybody.

To some extent law-abiding has already become a synonym of virtue.

These are exactly the qualities that were cultivated in society by your planet’s conquerors so as to put to life their plans and programmes with impunity.

And now at the most crucial moment when humanity finds themselves within a hair’s breadth of death, it is these qualities that were taken advantage of by the representatives of the deep state to drive people to the trap of false pandemic and digitizing.

At present, humanity has separated into two unequal parts: law-abiding citizens and “rebels”.

And so as to minimize the consequences of such separation, you can do the following meditation.

Let us call it “Out of obedience matrix”.

Invoke all your Heavenly assistants and plunge into quite a deep meditative state.

And then imagine globalists’ programme on depopulation and digitizing of society as a “spider’s web” that all the globe has found itself in.

But some threads of this web are really “new” – very thin and fragile since they have not been created for centuries like others – general – stereotypes but for decades.

So, while the “spider’s web” of the well-established stereotypes that penetrated into human subconscience have already took root in the flesh of Earth, the “web” of new stereotypes barely touches her.

In order to cleanse Earth from it, invoke the Flame of Universe Love and in thoughts make it run through all the “spider’s web” as if inflaming Bickford fuse.

Since all of you are located in different parts of Earth, this Divine energy will start its work in thousands of her parts simultaneously.

Imagine this picture as bright and clear as possible.

Watch the thin threads of “web of lie and hypocrisy” getting crooked and falling down in the “beams” of this energy…

And when it has burn down to ashes, ask the Flame of Universe Love to spread over to another “spider’s web” that is general mental patterns of humanity.

This “web” is much more durable than the previous one, yet, it cannot resist the powerful flow of this omnipotent Divine energy either.

It starts melting and little by little burns down.

The liberated planet and collective human conscience that is inseparable from her are as if “rising from the ashes” having thrown off the “chains” of centuries-long slavery…

Try to feel this condition of incredible inner freedom.

From now on only humans themselves can dispose of their destiny.

They are out of control of somebody else’s opinion and stereotypes of the third dimension world that their conscience has overgrown.

They are the fourth dimension creatures who not looking back are confidently moving further – to the world of the Fifth dimension with their beloved planet.

Recover from the meditation only after you feel the energy flow has ceased.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 22, 2023.

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