LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Waiting on Maldena)

life-on-new-earth-waiting-on-maldenaGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to go on talking about the way the Light Forces help disembodied human souls to make the most of the period between incarnations so as to get them prepared for the next descend to the physical level in order to get some new experience they have not had yet.

Why am I telling you about this only now?

Before all, because right now at the subtle level there is in progress active preparatory work on pure and ancient souls for descend to the new Earth this time to build a new society of the Fifth dimension on it.

And I would like you to be better aware of the role played in this process by the Light Forces.

Thus, they participate most actively in the process of preparation of the Fifth dimension Earth’s inhabitants’conscience even before their arrival at the physical level.

And it happens as follows.

Those who for this or that reason left the physical level in recent decades but whose conscience was potentially ready for life in the Fifth dimension are cared for by the Light Forces in a special way.

Their souls are directed to a special place – some kind of a new Earth’s prototype that many call Maldena.

And there these souls carry on with their spiritual work being disembodied this time.

Since they find themselves in the space of the Fifth dimension, they have opportunity to experience everything that will be typical of people who get there in the physical body.

To some degree they can be called pathfinders.

It is especially true about those who left the physical level already being aware of Transition and the new Earth that the best humanity representatives are to live on.

And now a lot of Light creatures have assumed the mission of assistance to such souls.

Not only do they help them get used to the new life conditions but they also offer the bravest and most courageous souls to get incarnated on your planet again so as to encourage and speed up the process of new society arrangement on the new Earth.

And these souls will arrive at Earth with their memory preserved since till the moment they are born Earth’s vibrations and those of many people will reach the frequency close to the Fifth dimension’s, exactly where they will come from this time.

So, how do the Light Forces help the souls arriving at Maldena?

It is, first of all, in their intensified spiritual progress. And there are all the facilities necessary for that there.

While in the dual life it is extremely hard for one to maintain high vibrations all the time, on Maldena – in the unipolar world – one’s soul is almost in ideal condition.

It can not only “master” the “lessons learnt” during the previous life faster but can also have the glimpses of the future – the things it is to face during its next incarnation.

And the Light Forces assist it in this because they feature the ability of projecting destiny time lines of disembodied souls showing them all the possible developments.

As a result, a Soul chooses its further life itself: either to remain on Maldena providing people with energy support or to return to Earth once again to help all the rest – who are at the crossroads but whose souls have chosen Ascension with their planet.

As you see, my dear, everything has taken an unexpected course – even being disembodied pure human souls take an active part in the crucial process of Earth’s Transition to another dimension.

And in happens with the Light Forces being directly engaged into this process who leave no disembodied soul without their protection and concern.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 2, 2020.

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