LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Guards and closest assistants)

life-on-new-earth-guards-and-closest-assistantsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I will tell you about one more kind of Light creatures who take most active part in Earth’s Transition to the Fifth dimension and assistance to humanity.

You are accustomed to call them Safeguard Angels but their influence on your life is actually much wider and, so to say, more “volumetric”.

And this is what I mean by this word.

Their sphere of influence is not limited just to protection of your personal energy space.

It embraces much greater volume of space around you: your house, your family, your car, your office – in a word, everything or everybody you are directly connected with.

During all your incarnation in the physical body they take an active part in your life.

They serve you in a dedicated and loyal way trying to protect from any danger threatening you.

By all the means available to them they try to lead your thoughts and emotions the direction that will be most beneficial to your Soul.

They give your clues and hints all through your life way.

In other words, they are the most reliable friends and assistants of yours who live at the subtle level and are connected to you by invisible energy channels.

As you see, the principle of their interaction with people is the same as that of astral beings: it is energy ties.

But how different they are in terms of the energy they convey!

While astral beings do their best to bring you down to earth, your Safeguard Angels do everything possible to ennoble you.

While the astral world influences your Ego, the world of Safeguard Angels influences your Soul.

Thereby, some kind of balance is maintained between the material and spiritual aspects of human life.

And thanks to this the third dimension world duality is also manifested: human life between Heaven and Earth.

And any distortion of this or that kind can be very painful for one.

For example, being completely plunged into the material world and isolated from God is fraught with the astral world’s total absorbing one.

While complete alienation from the material world and plunging only into the spiritual world will prevent one’s Soul from learning the lessons planned by it before the incarnation.

That is why Safeguard Angels sometimes interact with the upper astral beings if they see that the latter are trying to lead one astray from one’s path and work out a common programme of actions demarcating their “authorities”.

Such “compromises” allow one to fit into the third dimension material world the best way keeping harmony in Soul and at the same time to feel protected and comfortable.

As you see, my dear, even being embodied people do not lose connection with the subtle world even for a moment, few people knowing about it though.

Every minute you are closely watched by the creatures of the subtle level and the thoughts and emotions you are generating right now determine the kind of beings you are attracting to your energy space.

Thus, astral beings reinforce all your negative thoughts and emotions, while Safeguard Angels help you get higher every time you show your Divine essence emitting Love and Gratitude into the world.

Always keep this in mind, for all your further life depends on it.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 3, 2020.

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