LIFE ON NEW EARTH (How to stop being dependent on other’s opinion)

life-on-new-earth-how-to-stop-being-dependent-on-others-opinionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will speak about the way you can stop being dependent on other people’s point of view.

I know, my dear, you have already made headway in the third dimension world patterns deliverance, yet, sometimes your feel offended by critics concerning you and to this or that degree you are still dependent on other people’s opinion, especially if it comes to your nearest and dearest.

Now, when you have learnt to scan energies well, you do not even need words any more to feel thoughts and emotions people have in respect of you.

And the larger the vibration gap between you and your close people become, the more uncompromising confrontation will be since the usual third dimension world of these people will start collapsing in front of them.

They will try to stand up for it with all the means available to them.

Highly probable that it is you who will be a permanent source of annoyance for them since you will not share their panics, fear, aggression and censure that are so typical of the dual world people and they will start treating you as a stranger.

Do you remember the expression “Those who are not with us are against us”?

This is how a herd feeling has been cultivated in the third dimension world people for centuries.

And while those who have already reached the level of understanding and, which is more important, observance of the Laws of the Universe recognize the right for the freedom of will and, consequently, the right for a life choice of a person, the third dimension world people are rather aggressive towards those who have stood out of the faceless crowd.

And I think many of you have already experienced it yourselves.

So, my dear, what should you do so as to take calmly critics directed to you and go on your own way?

First of all, not to talk about Ascension with unprepared people.

Thereby, you will secure yourself from negative energies, as well as the process of Ascension itself.

What is more, thanks to this you will not decrease human collective conscience vibrations.

And now it needs “infusions” of most positive and high vibration energies as ever.

Therefore, I ask you over and over again to keep in mind that only in terms of ENERGY can you do the elaborate work on Transition preparation of both separate individuals and human collective conscience in general.

Any stories, explanations or persuasion will cause the opposite reaction of unprepared people, which will eventually affect human collective conscience as well.

There is a time for everything, my dear.

Believe me, there will come time when the amount of high vibration energy that human collective conscience is being saturated with now from all round will become quality and then pure ancient human souls will be reviving in numbers.

Yet, it should happen in a natural way.

Then, it will be your turn to help the beginners – convey the necessary information they will start absorbing eagerly since their conscience will be ready for this.

And until such a moment comes, your main protection from attacks in respect of you should be silence and benevolent attitude to everybody with no exception, your respect for other people’s opinion whatever it is.

Anyway, that will be something to show the example of the Law of Unity and the Law of the Free Will’s observance.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 10, 2020.

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