scenario-of-transitionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today, on the eve of Easter Sunday that for millions of people is a great religious holiday I would like to summarize the recent events on Earth in terms of their spiritual and energy components.

As you see, a mild scenario of the Transition of Earth and humanity into the Fifth dimension has turned out to be unsound.

And there are several reasons for that.

The main of them is that the deep state’s marionettes have “got the better of” people due to the fact that all power including the media are still in their grip.

This is the reason why million-strong protest actions all across the globe against general vaccination and restrictions connected with it have failed to result in any tangible outcome.

But the fact that they took place and are still going on up till now is already a great victory in the battle between the Light Forces and Dark at the physical level.

Participation of each person in such actions has enriched the “treasury” of the invaluable experience of not only their own Soul but also that of collective human conscience as well.

Millions of people all over the world have demonstrated their sincere intention to gain freedom, which cannot be overestimated.

And even despite the fact that each participant of the actions like these has their own idea of “freedom” – in accordance with the level of their present-day conscience, the very strive for breaking free from slavery that the ruling top has driven people into shows the increase of general level of human conscience.

Why have protest actions been a failure?

The only reason is that military and policing branch in compliance with the third dimension laws is subordinate to the heads of states, which was taken advantage of by the governments of these countries.

But what played against them is that, clinging to power, many of them have violated the laws in action now having gone beyond the limits of the warrantable.

And nations will not forgive it to them this time.

The next step of the confrontation of the Dark and Light Forces on Earth was the so-called war “under false flag” that was conceived by the deep state as a backup option and “red herring” in case of failure of the false pandemic they initiated.

Russia that managed to guess their plans spoilt their game being the first to start a military operation in Ukraine.

So now all globalists’ hatred and helpless anger befalls it.

So, the other part of their plan has not been a success either.

All they can resort to now is to incite chaos, fear and panic by means of the economic and food collapse they are creating all over the world.

But these steps cannot lead to the required results either.

They just encourage revival of an increasing number of people who start to realize that the world is being ruled by a band of gangsters for whom people are just “consumables” and a means of achieving their aims.

Therefore, everything done by the shadow government and their protégés eventually backfires on them themselves.

The Law of “boomerang” goes off quickly and efficiently, with an increasingly painful effect.

So, their efforts to destroy Russia have resulted in the effect just the opposite – its strengthening and unity in terms of Spirit.

The strive for bringing to ruin and enslaving of the leading countries of the world’s nations has also backfired on them and resulted in people’s conscience revival and their open protest against the criminal activities of their governments.

And with the course of time this opposition of people to these henchmen of the Dark Forces on Earth will gain in scope until they are ultimately driven away from her.

And this is inevitable now despite the fact that humanity revival process is taking one of the hardest scenarios possible.

This was the will of collective human conscience, and you should accept it as inevitable.

I bless you, my dear, for the prompt victory over the Dark Forces’ representatives on Earth and total liberation of humanity from them!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 23, 2022.

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