Ascension in Action (Energy diplomacy)

ascension-in-action-energy-diplomacyGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will start a new topic, which is especially important now, when the global changes in political, financial and social spheres has begun, and redistribution of power on the global arena is coming.

Political passions, hypocrisy, duplicity, double standards have already reached its apogee and appear so absurd that even the people, unsophisticated in politics, are beginning to understand that.

Perhaps, the energy expression of these processes can be compared with tornadoes, typhoons, tsunamis – in other words the catastrophes, which become denser and denser and gradually descend to the physical plane, causing natural disasters that lead to death and destruction.

That’s why, dear ones, you have to do everything in your power to bring the instances of these catastrophes to the minimum.

What do you have to do for that?

First. Never under any circumstances get emotionally involved into discussions of the hot political and social issues, feeding them with negative energies.

Of course, you can look through the news updates in order to be informed of the current events. But at the same time, it’s important to remain an uninvolved observer, understanding that everything is going the way it should, that any process has to reach its critical point to begin the new spiral of its development.

That’s exactly what’s transpiring on your planet Earth now.

Second. Try to harmonize the space around you, filling it with your peace, Light and Love.

By doing that, you will help people around you not to succumb to excessive passionate discussions of current events.

If they try to get you involved in the arguments about the political or social issues, try to redirect the conversation to another topic, tell a joke or something interesting and funny.

Apply your wisdom and diplomacy, dear ones. With such an approach, you’ll protect yourselves and your companions from the powerful energy attacks from the Dark Forces and astral beings, who feed on the energies of aggression and discontent.

And third. Never attempt to change anything using the force and resistance, especially if you are a leader.

Because such actions already carry negative energies within, which will multiply and attract more and more people into its field.

Remember, dear ones, that all the revolutions on Earth have come to a sad end, precisely because they have had the energies of the lowest vibrations in their foundation, such as hatred, aggression and resistance.

However, if you feel it is not in your power to change something for the better, then do that wisely and calmly, logically evaluating the situation without excessive enthusiasm and intense emotions.

Always remember about the golden mean, which is the only thing capable of balancing the most complex and complicated matters.

May an expression, “Create by Love and in the name of Love,” become your slogan for all times.

I bless you for that!

Your Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken with you

Channelled by Marta on April 8, 2018

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