Ascension in Action (Vibrational Contact)

ascension-in-action-vibrational-contactGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we are approaching a conclusion of the practice of tuning on the vibrations of another person.

In my previous message, I have explained to you a principle of balancing your own chakras, which is a starting point for work of defining the vibrational level of the people.

Thus, after you are convinced that your vibrational “scale” is completely ready, you may start testing.

At the beginning, it is best to work with some of your family members, who are always near you and therefore are the perfect “subjects” for an observation.

Besides, it is not necessary to stay near them physically. Energy communication between you exists beyond time and space, but the results of your work you would see, of course, only in personal contact.

It is better to choose a moment, when your “subject” is in a quiet state and even during sleep, in order to see his potential in its pure state.

Imagine that he stands in front of you and each of his chakras are touching each of your corresponding chakras.

Observe if they come into a resonance with each other.

What kind of sensations you may feel?

For example, your first chakra may work quietly and rhythmically but the chakra of your “subject” could pulsate quickly and unevenly as if rushing or fussing.

Usually it is precisely what happens with the chakras of the people who are deeply material and lack spiritual aspirations.

In such manner, move higher on your “scale,” testing each of the chakras of this man.

If not even one of the lower chakras come close to the rhythm of vibrations of your own chakras, then the probability that this person may wake up is very low.

Of course, it is not a simple practice, dear ones, and real success may come only with experience, when your own subtle sensory organs will be transformed into “antennas” of the subtlest sensitivity, capable to discern all the vibrational nuances of other people.

Your intuition will suggest if you could help this particular person by raising him energetically to the level which would allow him to make a Shift.

If you consider such help appropriate, then move to the next step of this practice.

You need to place this person into your energy field, increasing the volume of your subtle bodies to the maximum.

Try to visualize as clearly as possible your own subtle bodies and the subtle bodies of another person within your energy space.

In your mind draw the border of this space.

And after that, imagine how each of your chakras tune on a corresponding chakra of this person, and give him your vibrational frequency; doing that will bring his vibrations to the average level that resonates with the Earth vibrations.

If you succeed in everything, this person will start changing without noticing it, gradually establishing different life priorities.

The pendulum of his Soul will swing from the material values towards the spiritual ones.

I bless you, dear ones, for this complex but so necessary work for saving human souls.

Your Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken with you

Channelled by Marta on April 7, 2018

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