WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (How to purify subconscience from third dimension programmes)

window-on-new-world-how-to-purify-subconscience-from-third-dimension-programmesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So, after I have told you about the most common programmes of the third dimension world that have taken root in your subconscience and the way they interact with your subtle bodies, it is time to get down to practical classes on deliverance from these programmes.

But for a start, I would like to give you general commendations on the work coming.

What is the gist of it?

First. It is necessary to ADMIT you have such programmes instilled.

As a matter of fact, it is not that easy to do because many of you can get an impression that you got rid of them long ago.

And it is true that due to the practices and meditations on your conscience purification it has already advanced to rather a high level of vibrations.

Therefore, now you have to draw all your attention to your automatic reactions that got securely implanted in your subconscience.

You are to learn to capture them immediately not allowing them to show even at the subtle level, let alone your actions at the physical level.

Second. Learn to IDENTIFY each of them.

This task is not an easy one either, as a lot of these programmes ensue from each other and are so closely interweaved that resemble a tangled ball of wool, with each thread representing one of the third dimension world programmes.

Why is it so important to “untangle this ball of wool”?

The main reason is that all these “threads” feature their own individual energy, and you have to learn to feel each of them to understand what negative energy exactly prevails in your energy space and which subtle body you have to work on meticulously indeed.

Third. Find the principal CAUSE why you have some particular programme.

It can be of both karmic character, and a newly gained one acquired in the present incarnation.

And depending on this you will be able to choose the practice or meditation you need.

Fourth. Learn to feel your subtle bodies’ reaction to these or those programmes of the third dimension world.

It is this thing that can become the principal “magic wand” in your work since it will help monitor immediately any deviations from your aim that is living in accordance with the Laws of the Universe in the Fifth dimension space now new to you.

And fifth. It is necessary to consolidate the results achieved.

It is really essential so as not to run in circles or repeat the mistakes of the past.

Thus, for example, having once realized you have manifestations of this or that programme of the third dimension world, you may get relieved and decide you have learnt this lesson.

But your subconscience is sly and resourceful, and it is quite possible it will throw you in this programme again but with another “dressing”.

As you see, my dear, you are to do some work that is not easy but we will move step by step, and you will be supplied with practices to help you that are not difficult, yet, rather efficient.

And I believe that in the shortest possible time you will manage to purify your subconscience along with your subtle bodies from all the third dimension world programmes that have already had their days and that it is time now to be broken free from for those who find themselves at the very threshold of the Fifth dimension.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 20, 2022.

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