WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Energy “battles”)

window-on-new-world-energy-battlesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we move on to the fifth chakra and the causal body corresponding to it.

What third dimension world programmes instilled into the human subconscience make influence on it?

Before all, it is the desire for conveying one’s point of view to others.

It is this programme that breeds endless arguments and discussions both in families, among friends, and in the media environment.

You can ask me: “Well, what is wrong about this programme? Are there any other ways to make others see your point?”

In the dual way there are actually no other ways of doing this.

Therefore, the fifth chakra bears the brunt of the people who vehemently persist in their opinion.

As a result, their causal bodies get distorted being constantly attacked both from without, and from within.

Since any argument gives birth to emotions and, as a rule, they are far from being positive, your opponent unintentionally attacks your causal body, while you being eager to answer them, ruin yours from within now because of getting unintentionally tuned onto the negative wave of this person.

And, moreover, then reproducing in your mind the things you were going to tell them but did not manage, you go on with this destructive inner work.

Perhaps, the most vivid example of discussion and arguments is TV battles on political issues.

The one who feels other people’s vibrations keenly cannot stand this energy “skirmish” that produces pernicious effect on their physical and psychological condition.

You have probably noticed that in such “battles” people almost do not hear each other but try to make “a counterblow” to their opponent as quickly as possible.

Well, it is the very energy “skirmish” that takes place at the subtle level making harm to human subtle bodies, which subsequently produces irreparable damage to their physical bodies as well.

The things now in progress in the information environment of your planet in relation to the events in Ukraine with no exaggeration can be called energy “carper bombing” of Earth that leaves a “burnt down field” in the conscience of people consuming this information.

It also gets aggravated by stirring up fear, aggression and censure, which makes influence on other subtle bodies of people as well.

And all this is the third dimension world programmes that were introduced into your conscience and subconscience long ago.

They are based on self-expression and self-assertion, which is integral part of the life in the dual world of the third dimension.

As you see, my dear, the human subconscience and automatic reactions connected with them have been living a life of their own in people for long now.

And few realize the destructive action they produce in terms of their subtle bodies.

Of course, I have not fallen to enumerating all the programmes that have been introduced into your subconscience by the Dragon reptiles for millennia.

I dwelled only on the third dimension programmes most common and significant for you and, consequently, most dangerous and ruinous for your subtle sense organs.

And next time we will talk about how you can start getting rid of them rearranging your conscience the new way so as to be ready for the life in the Fifth dimension.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 20, 2022.

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