WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Emotional attachment)

window-on-new-world-emotional-attachmentGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, let us now move on to the consideration of the mental body and its interaction with the human subconscience.

Since at issue is the heart chakra, subconscious programmes are mostly connected with affection of people to each other.

Have you ever thought where the very expression of “emotional attachment” comes from?

As a matter of fact, it already conveys a certain programme: energy bonds of one person in respect of another.

There seems to be nothing wrong about it, does it?

In terms of the third dimension world this state is quite natural especially when close people are at issue.

But if relationships between people are considered on a global scale – taking the Laws of the Universe into account, such relationships feature division into ins and outs.

Of course, it is impossible to love anyone and everyone absolutely the same way since the creatures inhabiting the third dimension world that is dual by origin vary greatly.

But excessive attachment to somebody, and most often to children, turns now into a certain programme with all it entails.

And this programme, as a rule, includes all the rest ones too that were spoken about in my previous messages: programmes of possession and control.

This way there now occurs distortion of several subtle bodies one by one that get impressed with subconscious programmes of the third dimension world.

All this is not as innocent as it may appear at first sight since they initiate by far the most powerful energy ties that affect both the one who overwhelms another with one’s exceeding love and care, and the one who they are addressed to.

Such people turn to “communicating vessels”, with negative energies circulating between them, and the latter have nothing to do with real Love in its Divine manifestation.

Well, what is the difference between the love of a third dimension world person and Divine Love?

Before all, it is in the former lacking freedom, mutual trust and respect.

The earthly love is usually based on the feeling of ownership and control, while Divine love is based on complete trust and respect for personal space of another person – energy non-interference in their field.

In the third dimension world being unaware of it themselves, people become energy aggressors literally “inhabiting” their close people’s subtle bodies.

And this is a gross violation of the Laws of the Universe.

True Love implies energy freedom and independence.

As for energy dependence, it is difficult to monitor because its consequences are invisible at the physical level.

They can only show as diseases, but in this case too there are few who are to understand their actual cause.

Well, what happens to the mental body that experiences all the “niceties” of the third dimension world programme called “emotional attachment to one’s close people”?

At the subtle level all the mental body of a person like this is stuck around with “suction caps” that are energy “connectors” of “loving” people.

And through them their mental bodies are injected with thoughts and emotions of their close people who thinking about them introduce their mental programmes there and being worried and anxious about them – the energies of fear.

As a result of such alien energy “infusions”, one’s mental body gets distorted, while one oneself starts living in accordance with other people’s programmes experiencing other people’s emotions sometimes not even being aware of it.

And one’s life is certain to develop in quite a different direction – not the one intended by one’s destiny.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 18, 2022.

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