WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Fighting for truth)

window-on-new-world-fighting-for-truthGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about information warfare from a little different perspective.

After we have dwelled on strategics and tactics of making such war by the deep state – both by their “generals” at the helm and “private soldiers” who act in accordance with their orders, now we will consider in more detail those who such wars are made against.

Of course, generally speaking, they are aimed at all the inhabitants of your planet but the aggrieved party turns out to be, as a rule, the purest and lightest human souls.

And the reason for this is that they, unlike low vibration creatures embodied as humans, take everything happening around with their heart and soul and, therefore, experience incredible pain and sorrow from any kind of aggression, falsity or injustice.

Such people are often referred to as thin-skinned.

And, certainly, such expression is not accidental to have risen.

It means the ability of an individual to perceive reality by their subtle sense organs – those that catch the essence of the things in progress, not their obvious aspects.

It concerns both people and events.

As a rule, such sensitive souls have a well-developed intuition and that is why it is hard to deceive them.

Even behind the nicest and most appropriate words they will by all means feel falsity since they see through people and understand what is concealed behind their sugary words.

While a thick-skinned person or rather a creature embodied as a human takes everything word for word because only external manifestations of people and their actions are accessible to them.

And it occurs because of their subtle material structure that is distinct from that of Divine creatures.

As a rule, they have only three lower chakras developed therefore they cannot see a non-material aspect of life.

Well, the conditional enemy of the deep state and their “servants” are exactly the purest souls – the best representatives of humanity who do not want to live according to the rules imposed on them, pursue for alien values and who reject everything that is being imposed on them by force.

It is this segment of humanity that has hindered globalist’ plan on depopulation and total enslavement of humanity.

These pure souls recognized the lie immediately and stood up against violence in their respect both spiritual and physical.

It is them who diligently and systematically started to search for the truth getting united with like-minded people and finding the proofs of the deep state’s crimes and their protégés at the helm.

These people have entered the unequal battle with globalists setting off their information – trustful and scientifically grounded – against their false data.

They are in minority so far but quite soon the alignment of forces at the information “battle field” will change and these brave people will take the offensive as an increasing number of people are getting revived from the dormancy of the third dimensionality thereby joining the ranks of these bold spirits.

Yet, the energy component of the two sides’ confrontation is as important.

The victory of the best part of humanity over their enslavers can be only possible if these pure souls are able to counter globalists not only with mass disclosures of the latter’s crimes but their high vibrations as well that will dissolve all the negative energies of the opposite party.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 17, 2023.

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