WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Adjusting to new reality)

window-on-new-world-adjusting-to-new-realityGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about how to adjust your life to a new reality now gradually moving not only your conscience but also your everyday routine to the fourth dimension space.

At present when your planet is witnessing a powerful energy shift towards Light, creation of one’s own high vibration reality becomes both possible and required.

The more people start doing it, the faster all the space around you move to the fourth dimension.

Therefore, you are a “locomotive” for the rest – young and newly revived souls.

And it is not as difficult to implement as it may seem at first sight.

You just have to put in practice all the theoretical knowledge accumulated for these years.

It will help you not only KNOW but BE ABLE to use it this time.

Actually, many of you already live in the fourth dimension even being unaware of it.

To make sure of it, recall yourselves – your life and environment – of at least five years’ prescription.

Your needs and desires have changed beyond recognition, haven’t they?

The things that used to be so dear and valuable to you seem trifles and unnecessary fluff now that are just blocking up your life mentally and in terms of energy.

While the people you recently had close relations with have disappeared into the blue.

And it has happened because they have “undocked” from you in terms of energy feeling ill at ease by your side.

So, this is the way that your reality starts changing – step by step with the increase of the vibration gap not only between people but also between you and the third dimension world programmes now alien to you.

There is in progress the reappraisal of values, transformation of your mentality followed by the change in manner of behaviour as well.

Your eating habits are being transformed too since the body itself being saturated with high vibrations now cannot take in either heavy food of animal origin or strong drinks.

And following the physical body now your Soul rejects low vibration environment: people, things, events, music that feature negative energies of the third dimension world.

Well, all this is exactly the gradual shift from the third dimension to the fourth one.

So now you just have to consolidate this condition of the body and Soul new to you not allowing yourselves to fall back to the third dimension world that is growing out of date on your planet.

The only thing you can allow yourselves is a short walk along the “neutral zone” so as to feel even more keenly the vibration gap between the two worlds and make the final decision on which of them you would like to remain.

But be careful, my dear, as the third dimension world is very insidious and possesses a lot of methods and tricks for the enslavement of pure and unsuspecting people.

Using fine words about duty and responsibility, devotion and decency as a cover it keeps in captivity and submission millions of light but inexperienced immature human souls.

Do not fall victims to these tricks and do not return where you have managed to get out of taking so much pain.

Do not cross the borderline of the third dimension any more.

Stay in the “neutral zone” and not looking back go further – to the borderline of the fourth dimension.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 4, 2022.

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