WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Self-healing by power of thought)

window-on-new-world-self-healing-by-power-of-thoughtGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to focus on one more peculiarity of the human body self-healing and self-restoring process.

And at issue will be the ability of people to control this process by power of thought and intention.

Unfortunately, in the third dimension world such ability has been almost lost and only rare strong personalities manage to gain this ability to adjust their body’s functions themselves.

Sadly enough but most often one recalls of God and one’s Divine origin only when in dire straits.

And sometime the misfortune befalls one just to prevent one from plunging in to the third dimension world completely and stopping one’s running in circles to give one the chance to remember what one has come to Earth for.

Of course, it is not always efficient but only in cases one manages to understand the underlying reasons for the misfortune to have occurred and does not start blaming it all on destiny, circumstances and the people around.

This is exactly the reason for the miracles of healing in terms of some people and a sad outcome in terms of some others.

Let us take two opposites.

For example, two individuals having got spinal injuries in an accident find themselves immobilized.

Life has stopped and plans are ruined for them, they are seized with despair.

In such situations this is the first reaction of the overwhelming majority of people.

And then, everything depends on one’s power of Spirit, one’s Soul’s age and spiritual groundwork for the life.

If it is a young soul of merely material worldview, the one is likely to become embittered and will curse one’s destiny and those guilty of the accident.

Not only will one’s negative thoughts and emotions fail to trigger the self-healing process of the body but, on the contrary, will aggravate the situation thereby making one’s sorrow deeper.

While the other person, spiritually developed and possessing a pure mature Soul, finding themselves snatched out of their usual life will plunge into quite different thoughts.

Before all, they will try to understand the actual reason for the misfortune to have happened to them and they will be searching for it in themselves, not others.

Having found it, they will do their best to change the course of their thoughts, emotions and actions.

And then they will work at their body in a committed way with no doubt that the power of Spirit will help them recover.

They will certainly take the necessary physical efforts, too sometimes living through pain and suffering.

Yet, the crucial factor remains their belief in their own potential and the unlimited abilities of their body.

And such people get on their feet indeed making doctors and close people surprised.

Why does this happen?

The only reason is that one, whether deliberately or not, gives clear commands to one’s injured cells to recover and imagines oneself absolutely healthy as often as possible.

So, even knowing nothing of chakras, subtle bodies or energy processes that take place in their body, they form their healthy etheric double in thoughts that with the course of time merges with their physical body.

And now imagine how much faster the body of a mindful person can recover, of the one who works at one’s body making use of spiritual practices and high vibration Divine energies and, the main thing, who is aware of one’s ability as a particle of God being really limitless.

Therefore, my dear, start working at your body already now not waiting for your Transition to the Fifth dimension.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 17, 2023.

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