LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Off-line communication)

life-on-new-earth-off-line-communicationGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about one more aspect of the existing world order that obstructs one’s way to a new happy life.

And what will be at issue is recoding of human conscience by creating the situations when interpersonal contacts and warm human relationships are replaced by communication in different social media.

It shows especially vividly now when people are locked down in their homes under the pretext of the so-called “pandemic”.

Thus, people turned out to be deprived of the main thing – personal communication: touch, hugs, looks in the eyes that sometimes can say more than words since they get deeply into the soul of a person and touch on its intimate cords.

It is such combination and interaction of energy fields that makes up the basis of human relationships.

And no cutting-edge technologies can substitute this priceless “tool” of human souls’ interaction.

Slow by sure all the rest leads to depersonalization – loss of person’s individuality turning them into a talking “machine”.

The same happens to your language that due to these “advanced” technologies is changing beyond recognition.

It is literally “castrated” being deprived of its voluminousness, figurativeness and natural versatility, as well as changed for endless abbreviations, ridiculous contractions and sense distortions.

It is certain to occur not by chance.

And those who put their hands to it were well aware of what they were doing.

All this is part of the programme of the world government that seized power on Earth and whose final goal is overall digitizing of the planet’s population.

And making people used to the so-called “gadgets” has become the first step on the way to its implementation.

People did not even notice how they got caught in the electronic trap – the “nets” of reptiloids that are so hard for them to get out of now.

At present not only youth but older generations too cannot imagine their life without computers or mobile phones that have already become some kind of a drug for them: for it is so convenient to instantly get the information you need in one click.

For many it has turned not only into a necessary and back-up tool making life easier but real dependence, if not obsession, that they cannot imagine their life without.

People have forgotten how to look each other in the eyes. They literally “live” in their phones neglecting the fact that they reject the warmth of human communication that is the most valuable thing on Earth.

Of course, I do not urge you to refuse these “the good things of civilization” but I would like you to see these innovations’ reversed side being aware who and why introduced them so fast and persistently into human society.

Let alone the fact that any mobile gadget is a means of control over you and your conscience. You already know it yourselves.

This message of mine is aimed at showing the ethic and energy aspects of human dependence on electronic devices and advanced technologies in general.

Do you think your energy exchange with close people is equal when you communicate off-line and on-line?

As a matter of fact, you give most energy of yours to an electronic device, with just remains of your Love and warmth being left for your nearest and dearest.

Always remember that a real touch and tender look is the most precious that one has in life.

Not only it is the best remedy from any disease but it is also giving your strength, belief, hope and Love to other people.

It is your UNITY at the energy, emotional and mental levels that makes your common Spirit stronger and fills your Souls with Divine Light – the source of every living thing on Earth.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 15, 2021.

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