ascention-in-action-inward-workGreetings, my dear beloved children!

This time we go on talking on the ways of gradual changing yourselves and changing your environment at the same time.

When you understand what prevents you from living in peace and quiet of your soul you can pass over to the next step of your inward work.

The reasons for slowdown in your spiritual development are more likely to be some traces of character, common beliefs or fear of being isolated.

My dear ones, you are certainly unable to immediately get rid of the things that have become a part of you, your second nature.

But now you are assisted by new Earth vibrations that highlight all your weak points.

And this is how it is manifested in action.

Supposing, false pride is really strong in you. You enjoy preaching people and demonstrating your esoteric knowledge.

You often come across the people who are not prepared to listen to you. Moreover, their aggressive response can hurt your pride.

As a result, you retire into your shell feeling hopeless and unfit for enlightening people.

There exists another extreme. You can meet grateful audience that hang on your words. It makes your vanity overswollen resulting in attacks of astral beings that feed on this energy doing it with great relish.

In this case you lose the perception of reality and your ability of impartial self-esteem. The two extremes throw your back and prevent you from overcoming your drawbacks.

So, how should you behave knowing this weak point?

Before all, you should accept the fact of having it and act more cautiously from now on.

Firstly, before talking to a person try to feel if he/she actually needs the knowledge you want to share, if he/she is prepared to hear such new and odd things, if the talk on this topic will bring him/her any joy.

Maybe, the person enjoys the life the way it is and he/she wants to leave the things where they are. There are still a lot of people like this on Earth.

But if you see that the person has reached a dead end, lost sense of life and suffers from spiritual unrest, only then you can become ‘the life jacket’ that will help him/her  reach the other side of ‘the dual river’.

But you should be really delicate and tactful to share the information for the soul’s sake not imposing your vision of the world.

It will help you to be an independent observer, not a guru or a teacher for this person.

And your interlocutor feeling independent and respectable will make use of new spiritual knowledge and will cope with difficulties on his/her own. It will help him/her gain unique experience practicing life in accordance with the Laws of the Universe.

Secondly, find the golden mean, the condition that will not let you feel superior or the chosen one.

Remember that everyone on Earth is a small part of the Universe and, consequently, your own part, as soon as all of you are the Whole.

That is why communication with anyone met by you is your spiritual test-paper that shows whether you can keep your vibrations as high not being provoked by situations supposed to verify your ‘durability’.

You learnt the theory long ago, my dears, now it is high time to drill it in practice mastering your skill, wisdom and patience in dealing with other people.

Why did I take false pride as an example?

Because I see the further you move along your path to the Light the more you want to share it with others. But, unfortunately, it results in plenty of distortion of various kinds.

So, I would like to warn you against the mistake that is not uncommon.

Your Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you

Channeled by Martha on April 14, 2018

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