TRANSITION TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION (Third eye as interaction channel with world)

transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-third-eye-as-interaction-channel-with-worldGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will speak about how you can interact with the world around you by means of your Portal of the third eye.

After you have learnt to use this Divine tool, unlimited opportunities to co-Create with the Higher Powers of the Universe will open for you.

You will become their valid representatives on Earth capable now to consciously create a new reality both of your own and of the planet’s in general.

But this can occur only if you learn to take any events taking place in your life calmly not getting emotionally involved either in other people’s problems or global problems in general.

Why is this so important? And, isn’t it indifference as some of you can call this?

The thing is, my dear ones, that any judgement of yours as a third dimension world person ALWAYS leads to discord in your energy space reducing your vibration frequency by this.

Even if you clearly understand the reasons of the events occurring to a person, your country or planet, you should use this knowledge very carefully.

Most often, according to an established century-old custom, you start sharing your opinion with other people contributing to the events your own energy.

But for the situation to be solved the best way, there is required NUTRAL – UNIPOLAR – DIVINE ENERGY OF LOVE with no touch of emotions, whatever positive they may seem from the point of view of a third dimension world person.

As a matter of fact, anyone UNINTENTIONALLY contributes one’s attitude and, consequently, one’s energy to any situation, and this energy features duality in this or that degree anyway.

But now when your third eye is completely activated, you will be able to draw the energy of Love through your Divine Portal from the Universal inexhaustible source.

Not only is this energy unipolar, it is intelligent as well.

So, if you manage to become JUST A CHANNEL capable of letting this pure Divine energy through yourself not adding any emotional or mental touch of yours, you will succeed in accomplishing your earthly mission in full, the one you incarnated for in this period that is history-making for your planet.

If so, you will fill situations and people involved with the energies featuring vibrations that high that they will dissolve all the negative energies of the third dimension world that were the ones to initiate the hardships faced and, their consequences will automatically be sorted out the best way – to the greater good of all.

For the time being you are not to understand what this GOOD really means, and it can sometimes be quite inconsistent with your common life views.

Yet, believe, my dear, the Higher Powers of the Universe you are in constant co-Operation with see very well from above higher dimensions what, how and when should occur for the sake of the pure human souls.

And for their part they will assume the mission of energy settlement of the situation leaving the role of a pure Channel for you, the channel that can adjust the energy of Unconditional Love flowing from Heaven through your Divine Portal of the third eye to earthly conditions as much as possible.

Therefore, my dear, please, each time you want to interfere in somebody’s destiny or a complicated situation you find yourself in STOP YOURSELF and just send this person or situation a powerful flow of Unconditional Love from your sixth chakra asking the Forces of Light to sort the situation out to the greater good of all.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 30, 2019.

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