LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Towards God with no intermediaries)

life-on-new-earth-towards-god-with-no-intermediariesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, let us go on talking about the relationships between people and the Light Forces.

And now I would like to focus on one more aspect of these relationships – financial one.

Since you live in a material – third dimension – world, even your liaison with the Higher Powers has become an object of commodity-money relations.

For any “service” for the side of God or Saints they started to charge fees.

Church gathers tribute from its congregation for every “service” of the Higher Powers assuming the role of an intermediary between them and an individual.

Exactions start with the selling of candles, prayer books, icons and finish with ceremonies of christening, wedding and funerals.

Religious power institutions’ maintenance requires big money.

And one pays for one’s spiritual “enslavement” with one’s own money giving one’s enslavers not only energy but money, too.

So, what is congregation money spent for?

First of all, it goes to the pockets of the “intermediaries” between God and people.

And, secondly, it is spent on the maintenance of religious confessions that have gained enormous size now.

Have you ever thought why in the age of highest technologies religion is still very powerful on Earth?

Why are religious holidays unanimously celebrated all around the globe?

Why are religious issues sustained, often artificially and formally, in all the countries of the world?

Only because religion is one of the most powerful means of human conscience control.

When temporal power institutions cannot cope with people they are given a helping hand by religious institutions that turn to their leverage for congregation control since many people trust ministers of religion much more than authorities’ representatives.

As a matter of fact, not in a single country of the world has church ever got separated from the state since it has almost always had representatives of the high caste reptiloids at the head and sometimes the Dragon reptiles, and the aims of all the branches of power have been one and the same.

But even in this patrimony under control of the state there sometimes appeared light and pure souls who sincerely tried to help people embark on the course of spiritual development and establish liaison with the Light Forces.

Many of you are likely to feel the difference in energy profile between the temple reigned by the astral and the one with the energies of Love and Light hovering all over.

But most regrettably, there are almost no pure religious abodes left on Earth in spite of the fact that temples, churches and mosques were erected, as a rule, on sites of great energy potential.

But this energy potential is often used for abstraction of the energy far from being light, which many of you already know.

Why am I telling you all this, my dear?

The only reason for that is to make you fully aware of the fact that you do not need any intermediaries to communicate with the Light Forces.

They can just lead you astray from your invisible patrons and make your communication with them more difficult introducing into this process energies and programmes alien to you.

So as to reach one’s Heavenly patrons one needs to be sincere, pure and simple, featuring warmth of one’s heart and peace of mind, in other words, high vibration energy of Love and Gratitude.

It is the one capable of minimizing the vibration gap between an individual embodied as human and disembodied beings of the Higher worlds, as well as with your galaxy brothers and sisters.

This is what I have been trying to convey to you for almost five years.

And I see that many of you are already at the very threshold of the wonderful Temple of “Universe Unity and Unconditional Love”.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 26, 2020.

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