LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Reptiloid soul replacement)

life-on-new-earth-reptiloid-soul-replacementGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Now we will study the second means to extend reptiloid life in the physical body.

And it consists in instilling of another soul that is more viable – a reptiloid one naturally – into an existing body.

It should be mentioned, it occurs rather seldom and only in cases of barest necessity.

Since unlike humans reptiloids do not possess the Free Will, everything is arranged “above” – by the initiative of their creators.

In what way does it happen?

The thing is that after the physical body’s death reptiloid souls go away to a certain place specially allotted for them at the subtle level.

This is some kind of an “incubator” of reptiloid souls that are produced there artificially, while the “discharged material” is utilized.

But before “utilization” these souls for some time keep their unity and conscience.

And the Dragons controlling the process of birth and death of those “under their wardship” have opportunity to “shuffle” these souls in case of emergency.

Thus, for example, into a decrepit body of a reptiloid that has had their days but whose presence on Earth is essential to them they can instil a soul of a young and strong reptiloid who died as a result of an accident, for example.

Their technologies allow them to “implant” into their conscience the old reptiloid’s memory and experience whose body this soul is being instilled into.

Sometimes it does not happen all at one, and the old – native – memory breaks through, which is regarded as senile dementia of the owner of two souls.

But then everything settles down, and a man of senile appearance suddenly gains power and clarity of mind.

As a result, he goes on carrying out according to the installed programme everything required from him.

Perhaps, many of you were surprised at how long some royal families and hidden government members live who in spite of their more than advanced age lead quite an active life.

It is explained by the fact that by this or that means their life has already been extended for several times, and sometimes more than one means was used for that.

Why is incarnation important in this case beside recovery of the physical body?

As a matter of fact, unlike humans possessing immortal souls, reptiloid souls get old and die with their physical bodies since they are just “frameworks” their physical bodies are threaded on.

This is the reason why under some circumstances – emotional outbursts or being exposed to high vibration space – their souls can “show” outside, which some people happened to see.

These souls have a reptile’s shape and only their physical casing is “disguised” as human.

Sometimes, in rare cases, a human half-bred possessing a human and a reptiloid souls “evicts” the reptiloid soul from their body as their vibrations are increasing.

And if it is a young and healthy soul, it can also be used for instilling into a senile body of another reptiloid instead of being directed to “recycling”.

I see, my dear, that some of you are at a loss why I tell you in details about the things so unpleasant and scary for you.

But I would like you to realize to a full degree what world you used to live in – how different it is from the one you imagined, and to see truth with no embellishment so as not to go on believing the things authorities and the mass media under their control are trying to impose on you.

The masks they have put on people are actually designed to conceal their own faces and criminal actions.

Yet, despite all their tricks, these masks will be thrown off in the nearest future now, and you should be ready for this.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 9, 2020.

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