LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Different civilizations energy structure peculiarities)

life-on-new-earth-different-civilizations-energy-structure-peculiaritiesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, let us go on talking about other civilizations’ representatives embodied as humans.

But first, I would like to digress from the issue a little and explain to you the difference between human souls gaining life experience in the third dimension world by means of their numerous incarnations on Earth and extraterrestrial civilizations souls, with those among them who sometimes repeatedly incarnate on your planet, too.

First of all, they differ in their energy structure.

While humans have all seven chakras, even if the upper Divine ones are not activated yet, reptiloids, for example, possess only three chakras with the fourth one in the bud and the Orions and Alpha Centauri representatives have five chakras.

In other words, no matter how many times they are born on Earth, they will not be able to acquire Divinity because of their origin and chakra system.

This is exactly the reason why either intentionally or unintentionally they are trying to reduce the people around them to their level so as to get infeed of the low vibration energies typical of them.

Of course, most successful in this are the Orions and reptiloids who chose Earth as their home and enslavement object.

The representatives of the constellation of Alpha Centauri have also made progress in studying and manipulating with human genome, which enabled them to incarnate in human bodies.

Yet, it has turned out to be beyond their power to intervene into human soul.

Whatever appearance they take, their spiritual qualities remained and still remain at the level of their civilization’s development.

And it happens because they were initially created as creatures lacking upper chakras and, consequently, unable to overcome the barrier separating strictly material creatures from spiritually advanced Divine ones possessing a seven chakras system and sometimes even a more complex one.

I know that some people start remembering their previous incarnations.

Thus, on Earth there are a lot of souls who once incarnated in much higher dimensions: civilizations of the Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda, Sirius and others.

Therefore, Souls featuring Divine energy structure cognize themselves in a variety of images gaining experience of different dimensions life and sometimes descending to the worlds of low vibrations so as to introduce the spirituality characteristic of them to these worlds.

This is what is happening now on Earth when she is in desperate need of help and support of her galaxy brothers and sisters.

The entire force is on your beautiful planet’s deliverance from the thousand-year press of the low vibration civilizations that crippled not only Earth but human conscience as well causing the lowest feelings and emotions in it thereby ruining humans’ Divine essence and reducing them to the level of primitive creatures.

It mainly occurred due to the fact that being born as humans in appearance they did not differ from humans.

That is why it was rather hard to identify them and, moreover, the cruel world of duality decreased people’s vibrations to the extent that all their efforts were directed to survival, not spiritual development.

And it is only thanks to high vibration world representatives who incarnated on Earth and left a profound impact on human history that it was possible to preserve the Divine particle embedded in every pure human Soul.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 22, 2020.

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