WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Collapse of the global “web”)

window-on-new-world-collapse-of-the-global-webGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about the global processes now in progress on Earth.

But, first, one should understand what globalism is that is so much spoken about at present.

It is total depersonalization of countries and nations and their submission to one management.

And for this goal to be achieved all the means available to the shadow government are made use of.

As you see, they are managing it quite well.

The only but rather important obstacle on their way to total accomplishment of their plans turned out the “unsinkable” – yielding to no contrivance – Divine essence of man.

While clones, reptiloids and representatives of other low vibration civilizations embodied as humans are easy to “train”, pure human souls feel the catch by intuition and oppose to insane plans of globalists on “dehumanization” of Earth’s population.

And it has become especially evident when society has divided into those who take for gospel everything they are inculcated by the authorities in globalists’ grip and those who do not believe a word originating from the mainstream sources of information.

That is why the unification contrived by globalists is falling apart at the seams and to “fill in holes” that have appeared in this “many-coloured linen” will be now impossible for them.

It can be said that their thoroughly developed programme whose implementation has been promoted for years has already collapsed.

Unfortunately, this victory was won by humanity at too high the cost – by loss of a huge number of human lives that have already been taken away and will be taken away by false vaccination in the coming years.

And no matter how much we speak about the free will of these people the lion’s share of the responsibility for their life belongs to globalists who by fraud led a certain segment of humanity to such a tragic end.

It was possible for the supporters of globalism to commit this crime thanks to the one governing policy that was made and is being made by the shadow government by means of their protégés at the helm.

And now it is time to destroy this world power “web” that has enveloped the whole world – cut down the energy “sticky threads” of this criminal structure of power that devastates human souls and ruins their health and life.

You can ask: “What can be done in a situation like this by an average person conferring no powers, the one who almost nothing depends on?”

They can actually do really a lot.

Having expressed clearly and distinctly your inner protest against the criminal actions of the authorities, you set in motion the energy chain of opposition to the Forces of Dark that in compliance with the Law of Attraction draws your supporters not only at the subtle but also physical level.

This way you give signals of more active and efficient actions to your Heavenly assistants and your Galaxy family, while your environment starts attracting the people you have a lot in common with who scan your mood and intentions by intuition.

Everything around you comes in motion being triggered by your sincere and strong desire to live in Light, not in Dark.

This is what globalists are afraid of most.

Yet, this is what starts happening everywhere, which in the long run will ultimately destroy the hierarchy pyramid of power and under its wreckage there will remain the old world and all its henchmen.

And it is within your depth, my dear, to speed up this process as much as possible.

I bless you for this and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 26, 2022.

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