LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Energy component of Earth)

life-on-new-earth-energy-component-of-earthGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will consider the second factor that determines the objective reality of Ascension.

And at issue will be the energy component of your planet.

As you already know, her vibrations are increasing with every single day which is recorded by your scientists who observe the magnet field of Earth.

And even though the mainstream media stay obstinately silent about this, the information still filters into society.

But the main thing is that the people who perceive energies keenly feel these changes in respect of themselves more often and in a more tangible way.

And now let us see the way these two realities interact: the objective reality of the swiftly changing energy field of your planet and the subjective one – your attitude to these energy changes.

To start with, their impact on you is produced irrespective of your desire, for even when you do not invoke energies deliberately, they still influence your conscience and all your bodies switching them over to another vibration frequency this time.

But if along with this you know about the current crucial events on Earth and clearly understand their influence on people, you can combine these two realities – merge them together, which will manifold speed up the process of your spiritual evolution.

Therefore, the influence of the objective reality on different people will be different – depending on the degree of their awareness and readiness.

For the people unaware of the processes taking place on Earth such influence will be indirect, while for those “at the forefront” of Ascension it will become direct this time.

And it makes a huge difference since in the former case a person does not participate in the tuning of their vibrations onto Earth’s vibrations at all, while in the latter they can promote their own progress considerably having provided consistency of their thoughts, actions and energy potential with the current vibrations of Earth.

As a result, their subjective reality will resonate with the objective reality of the energy processes in progress on your planet, which will help the person to advance to a new level of spiritual development themselves and will also make some contribution to the vibration increase of the collective human conscience and, consequently, of the planet in general.

And the more numerous people like this are, the faster the Transition of your planet into a new high vibration energy space will occur.

In order to remain at the same wave length with your planet, you should get resonated with her as often as possible.

And for this purpose you can use the following practice that is quite easy.

Imagine being in the centre of Earth and having invoked the Energy of Ascension, have it run all through your chakras.

Feel being at the one energy axis with your planet.

Become one with her.

Feel her breath, her pulse rate, her vibrations…

Try to breathe in unison with her.

Let your heart beat in one rhythm with hers.

And let your body vibrate at the same frequencies as your planet does.

Anchor it in your conscience: you and Earth are one living being moving from one dimension to another.

Perceive it with every single cell of your body.

And try to do this practice as often as possible.

It will help you harmoniously combine the two realities of the Ascension of Earth – objective and subjective, which will manifold enhance your contribution to the common matter and let you remain at the same energy wave length with your planet.

I bless you and love immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 7, 2021.

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