LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Earth vibrations increase)

life-on-new-earth-earth-vibrations-increaseGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will consider the third and the fourth points that determine the objective reality of Ascension.

And what is meant is steady increase in Earth’s vibrations and her inhabitants’ ability to meet these vibrations.

But in the beginning, I would like to explain to you what your planet’s vibrations increase depends on and why this process is objective reality.

As a matter of fact, at present Earth is entering, has almost entered to be precise, a new time line that is at another frequency, and this process is impossible to stop now.

Having found herself in the corridor of certain vibrations, she is literally being pulled into this high vibration rarefied space so as to take as quickly as possible her rightful place she is destined for in the Galaxy.

Therefore, the only thing at issue now is who of Earth’s inhabitants will be able to go with her through this high vibration corridor leading your planet’s way to the Fifth dimension.

And as it has already been said in my previous message, in this case everything depends on whether one will be able to tune one’s vibrations onto the new vibrations of Earth and, generally speaking, to converge one’s subjective reality with the objective reality of Ascension.

Let us have a case study of two persons of different level of vibrations.

One person being completely involved in the third dimension world reality has no idea of your planet moving to a new era and goes on living the usual way.

And since their thoughts, emotions and actions remain at the same level and, consequently, their vibrations do not change, they will not even come close to the new vibration field of Earth, to say the least of being able to stay within it.

As a result, they will continue living in their subjective reality of the third dimension world and will go on with the sequence of incarnations in similar worlds.

And it will occur because their conscience is not ready to advance to a new stage of its development yet, let alone to reach as high as the Transition of Earth into the Fifth dimension.

Well, what about the person whose conscience has broken free from the matrix of the third dimension world and whose vibrations are going on increasing along with Earth?

Gradually, as long as their conscience is expanding and thanks to the practices on tuning their vibrations on Earth’s ones, their new condition will become usual to them and their reality perception will move from the subjective reality category to the objective one.

How can they feel it?

Before all, it will influence their perception of the world that will lose illusiveness typical of the third dimension world.

They will see everything with quite another eye.

It will seem to them that scales have fallen from their eyes that were concealing the genuine essence of people and things: everything has become as transparent and clear as ever.

They will see the objective reality of the current events, not the one they used to see through the prism of the worldview imposed on them and the one that was let through their own dual conscience.

Generally speaking, all the patterns and stereotypes of modern society are just the tools for creating reality far from the objective one that is being hidden from humanity tooth and nail by those who seized power on your planet.

All the mainstream media are aimed at distracting human attention as much from real events on Earth as possible so as to keep it within the narrow boundaries of subjective reality preventing people from spiritual growth.

People are shown just enough for their conscience to become easily controllable, and the overwhelming majority of your planet’s population still remains at this level, which was the thing to enable the world government to go that far in terms of their plan on total enslavement of humanity.

Thus, even such philosophical notions as objective and subjective reality have turned in hands of the deep state into a means for human conscience manipulation.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 8, 2021.

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