ASCENSION IN ACTION (The laws of the universe in action)

ascension-in-action-the-laws-of-the-universe-in-actionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we’ll continue our conversation about the following issue: which principles should guide you during the times of the Shift of the Earth and all humanity from the third to fifth dimension.

At the present time, only a small number of people know how fortunate they are to live on your planet in such great and unique times.

That’s why, dear ones, you have special responsibility – to show with your own example – what a person of the future is like, and what is the way to pave the road into the new life for others.

In my next messages, I will put special emphasis upon practical applications of the Laws of the Universe.

It is necessary to create certain conditions, which would encourage honoring of these Laws, to help the rebirth of  humanity.

What are these conditions?

First, it is necessary to create an atmosphere of Love for any group of people, a family, colleagues at work, creative union, where the respect for each other, mutual understanding and equal opportunities for everyone reign supremely.

How can it be accomplished?

Of course, you must start with yourself. If you are able to reach a state of complete harmony, Unconditional Love and extreme benevolence, your energy field would enfold within it dozens or even hundreds of people, who by being within it involuntary would start changing for the better.

Then an aggression, irritation, spirit of self-assertion and competition would leave their lives.

Surely, each of you may remember an instance, when an appearance of one person in the group have changed the atmosphere completely, for better or worse, meaning that energetically strong person has overpowered other people.

And now, dear ones, you are about to become such strong personality, radiating the energy of Love and Light of such a power, that it will be able to transform the space around you and change the consciousness of the people towards the Divine.

Second, it is necessary to learn the practical implementation of the Divine Laws for a specific group of people, that not only you but all others will see the results of action of these Laws on their lives.

Try to demonstrate them with concrete examples from the lives of the people around you, show what happens with them when these Laws are transgressed.

Surely, you will find many such examples from their personal, social or professional lives.

But you have to speak about it softly and delicately, without wounding people’s souls and without blaming them for anything. It is because the majority of the population on Earth lives UNCONSCIOUSLY, which means not knowing what they do.

For many of them, such a new vision of the world is similar to the new language of communication – complex and unfamiliar, and they must make great efforts to master it.

But it will be the work of the Soul, not of the Mind, which is more complicated; because the results of such work do not appear immediately, but initially form in one’s subtle bodies and then gradually descent into their real life.

And third, you need to find such words and such solid arguments in favor of life, that awaits people in case they change their views of life and behavior; that these words would become their desired North Star – something they would believe unquestionably and forever, that from now on would guide them in life without looking back into the past, that would purify their consciousness from the remainders of duality.

We will stop here today.

Father-Absolute, who loves you very much, has spoken to you

Channelled by Marta on April 30, 2018

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