REPTILOIDS AND CLONES (Replacement of humans with clones)

reptiloids-and-clones-replacement-of-humans-with-clonesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to tell you in detail about clones who are playing more and more essential part in life of humans.

It will not be an exaggeration to call clones’ creation one of the most perfidious crimes of reptiloids against humanity.

While reptiloids possess souls though of not Divine origin, clones are totally human-disguised gene-modified creatures – biorobots.

Whereas I used to tell you about reptiloids cloning those of their own having an eye to the main chance, today we will discuss the reasons why they create a clone of already existing human being and the ways they do it.

To begin with, the object of their attention is the purest human souls who are of real danger for them.

What kind of danger is it?

It is about their ability to awake from the 3D world stupor and to lead others’ way.

Do you remember the expression “they are a different person”?

And it has a direct meaning.

It is not rare that reptiloids replace the people dangerous for them, those who can change the world and the life of people for the better.

And the way they do it is really sophisticated.

Having obtained the human’s biological material they grow an exact copy of the human in their secret laboratories and improving the occasion they physically eliminate the original replacing it with a clone.

Their family and friends notice the changes they don’t understand but, as a rule, they find mere material explanations for the things happening: the awkward age, psychological crisis, problems at work, failure in private life…

The thing is that a clone keeps the memory and even habits of the human they are a copy of but since they are deprived of the main human component – their Divine soul, they start behaving a different way.

Moreover, they are absolutely different creatures in terms of energy.

Clones can’t generate life energy themselves while human beings get it naturally from the higher spheres and nature.

By and large they are nothing but soulless dolls though unaware of it.

But unlike toy dolls moving being battery-powered clones can exist only due to human energy, for they are made of human biological material.

By intuition clones try to find humans with the purest and most powerful energy profile.

And the profile like this is typical of children and spiritually advanced people.

This is the reason why clones are so numerous among teachers and educators as well as in esoteric – spiritual – world that the purest human souls are attracted to.

They skillfully penetrate the sphere and feel great getting energy from the pure source of the best human souls.

If they have failed to find a source like this they get satisfied with the energy of the crowd making the most of quantity, not quality.

Clones are great lovers and regular participants of public events.

They are omnivorous, by the way. Clones can be both fans raging at the stadium and “spiritual people” taking part in mass meditations and attending various esoteric classes.

Clones are not few in show business where they are easy to identify: their “art” is SOULLESS – it doesn’t ennoble people but make them descend to the very bottom of the 3D world.

Here we will stop for today.

Father – Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on January 24, 2019

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