WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (“Love” of victim to executioner)

window-on-new-world-love-of-victim-to-executionerGreetings, my dear beloved children!

And, finally, we come back to the beginning of our talk about Love – about the message communicated by the expression “to love everybody equally”.

Is there any trick here?

To understand this, remember the ones who call for it.

What feelings do you have in respect of these people?

Do you trust them or take them cautiously?

Do you feel the level of their vibrations or do you judge them only by what they say?

Now it is of great importance to learn to scan the vibrations of the people you see and hear because the world has plunged into lie, hypocrisy and double standards.

Words have turned into the cover for the ruling top’s crimes, and the grosser these crimes, the nicer the words they are trying to hide them with.

As for the esoteric world, these “masters of destinies” use their favourite method here as well: conceal true “colours” behind nice words.

And most often they act through intermediaries who either consciously or unconsciously say the things beneficial to these creatures who remain behind the scene.

And this is how it happens.

Suppose, a pure human Soul that has come to Earth to live through a unique experience of the Transition to the Fifth dimension switches over to Service.

This person immediately gets in sight of those who check for the appearance of such people dangerous for them.

They are straight away taken in hand by the collective consciences of the Reptiloids, Orions and other low vibration civilizations whose aim is far from increasing human vibrations.

The work is joined by astral beings, clones and specially developed computer programmes that are passed for real people that start to flatter a newly “guru” without restrain provoking their Ego’s negative emotions of false pride and self-admiration.

Unnoticeably for the person they start to put honeyed nice phrases in their mouth that actually do not facilitate the enhancement of spirituality of the people who find themselves on the orbit of such Teachers but, on the contrary, decrease their vibrations.

But everything is done in such an intricate and profound way that neither the person themselves not their followers notices the substitute keeping reveling in their growing, as they suppose, purity and spirituality.

Nowadays it happens at every turn assuming disastrous character this time.

They are the people who call for loving everybody not dividing them on ins and outs, bad and good, kind and evil…

And in this case, being unaware of it themselves, they distort the notion of love the same manner as it is done by the priests who urge to be humble and self-renouncing.

So, for example, if you “love” reptiloids and Orions who are trying to annihilate humanity as a species, you show the very servility and submissiveness again refusing not only to show your free will but also defend your right for existence.

A victim cannot love their executioner.

Everybody who claims the opposite tells a lie.

And next time we will talk with you about the way to maintain balance in your Soul and preserve Love in your heart not going to extremes or jumping at the bait of eloquent “gurus”.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 17, 2022.

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